Mobility and Education

EUniWell’s joint physical and digital infrastructure will connect wide-ranging expertise across the consortium and expose learners to multiple perspectives, approaches, and mobility formats.

We understand mobility in its broadest sense, as virtual, blended, and physical. EUniWell will promote mobility for students, researchers, educators, and staff through a wide portfolio of mobility measures, such as a student mobility card, degree and achievement recognition, joint intensive weeks, workshops, and a synchronous series of online and physical classes aligned with SDG expertise across all 7 universities.

Cross-campus platforms will unite students, academics, policy makers, and industry to radically renew the research-education-transfer nexus and boost cutting-edge, challenge-based, interdisciplinary, and international collaboration in both research and education. Collaborative cultural actions and sports initiatives will contribute to preserve, promote and share cultural diversity and define common academic and European values for the future.

In the long-term, EUniWell will create a seamless, state-of-the-art educational environment in which our boundaries will dissolve as we become a single entity strongly intertwined with our local, regional, and global contexts. Our aim is to provide our students with a wide range of skills that make them fit for contributing actively to the well-being of society and environment both on European and global scales.