Organizational Transformations

EUniWell will be an active learning institution, not only in terms of its educational offer, but through the internal organizational transformation ambitions at the core of our mission. EUniWell aims to realize and exploit flexible, inclusive, diverse, and participatory roles, rules, and processes in a bottom-up manner engaging all agents, and particularly students. This is also reflected by our governance model.

The governance model is marked by lean, participatory and co-creative working and governance structures. Hence, in the EUniWell Board in addition to the representatives of each institutions, students (elected by the Student Board), junior researchers, and delegates from the learning arenas work closely together. The EUniWell Board is represented by the Chief Development Officer, his or her deputy and the Chief Student Officer, again to stress the importance of the participative nature of our governance model in general and the inclusion of the student voice, in particular.