Sixth EUniWell Seed Funding Call - the results are in!

05/22/2024 | by Katharina Schlepper | Participation Seed Funding Call

EUniWell selects 11 projects for funding in its sixth Seed Funding Call, marking a significant milestone as all 11 member universities actively participate in the initiative for the first time.

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More projects than ever

The Seed Funding Initiative is one of EUniWell's flagship programmes. This latest round of funding enriches the Alliance’s portfolio with 11 innovative projects, underscoring its dedication to fostering innovative research and educational initiatives. By engaging researchers, educators, students, and staff from across member universities, this initiative not only strengthens existing collaborations but also cultivates new synergies within the Alliance, thereby promoting a culture of co-creation and knowledge exchange.

Projects are also looking beyond EUniWell in this call, with involvement from associated partners from Ukraine, Finland, and the US, reflecting the Alliance’s broader commitment to global engagement and cooperation in addressing pressing societal challenges.

The 11 selected projects

These are the projects chosen by the Seed Funding Selection Committee:

AI4Well aims to develop and implement an ethical framework for artificial intelligence focused on well-being by conducting social experiments and evaluations through workshops and focus groups.

BAGSKOL will enhance teacher training in addressing culturally complex questions and issues, bringing together students, teachers, and researchers to design, plan, and assess methods for teaching these topics.

CHASE is designed to comprehensively analyse the impacts of climate change on wildfires in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) in Europe through geospatial and socioeconomic data analysis, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

EDC-WB creates a practical democratic education programme for Ukrainian educators and community leaders, to empower Ukrainian citizens to exercise their democratic rights and engage actively in democratic life.

LIT-LAB is building a reading laboratory to measure and evaluate the ability of literature to reduce prejudiced attitudes towards trans*- and racialised people.

LONGCROSSCARE will conduct a cross-cultural study exploring the experiences of family caregivers of older adults with serious illnesses by using questionnaires and qualitative interviews, allowing students and young researchers to participate actively in different research methods.

MESH Well will hold an International Autumn School, building on the success of two prior graduate summer schools organised by the Environmental Humanities initiative within EUniWell, focussing on the connections between eco-anxiety, planetary well-being, and multispecies conviviality.

OER.Pro is focused on promoting Open Educational Resources (OER) across EUniWell universities through a campaign including status quo analysis, collection of best practices, social media promotion, and workshops.

PROMISE strives to integrate environmental sustainability into biomedical academia, fostering collaboration, waste reduction, and advocacy to alleviate eco-anxiety, thereby promoting well-being and resilience within the biomedical student community and beyond.

SUSWELL endeavours to foster cooperation among EUniWell Institutions with a focus on environmental sustainability and climate change as foundational pillars of a well-being economy.

TRAUMA2 is pursuing the integration of the EUniWell transdisciplinary academic certificate programme on trauma studies as an elective course for students across the Alliance.

Looking ahead

The selected projects highlight EUniWell’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and societal impact. As they develop, they will contribute to the well-being of communities within and beyond the EUniWell network. 

If you have a project idea yourself, the next opportunity is just around the corner: The 7th EUniWell Seed Funding Call will launch this summer, offering new opportunities for collaborative initiatives - stay tuned!

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