EUniWell meets New European Bauhaus


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On 9 June 2022, EUniWell hosted a Zoom event about the New European Bauhaus at the EUniWell Universities as part of the New European Bauhaus Festival (9-12 June).

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Linnaeus University, Nantes Université and University of Florence are partners of the New European Bauhaus (NEB). The three universities conducted a Zoom event for the NEB Festival 2022.


9 June 2022, from 11:15 - 12:00 CEST / 10:15 - 11:00 BST


Take part in our fully virtual Zoom-Webinar (45 minutes) about the New European Bauhaus at the EUniWell Universities as a part of the NEB-Festival (9-12 June).


The European University for Well-Being – EUniWell – is a response to the Council of the European Union’s invitation for member states to pursue a horizontal, cross-sectoral, knowledgebased approach to advance the ‘Economy of Wellbeing’. EUniWell partner universities collaborate across campuses and borders to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance well-being and interact closely with society to enhance global and regional well-being in social, environmental, economic, and cultural terms.

This event will introduce EUniWell and share three local examples that illustrate innovative solutions for sustainability and well-being:

  • University of Florence:
    Well-being and urban spaces: strategies and planning scenarios for a healthy city.
    Speaker: Saverio Mecca, architect and full professor at the University of Florence.
  • Nantes Université: 
    Creating user-friendly oasis of freshness in urban environments, made with raw earth and XXL 3d-printing, using robotics, architecture and design (supported by West Creative Industries interdisciplinary programme).
    Speaker: Ignacio Requena-Ruiz, lecturer and researcher.
  • Linnaeus University: 
    Holding Surplus House. The aim of this project is to explore built environment through giving form to a household that takes what is at hand – and strives to share a surplus. 
    Speaker: Åsa Ståhl, senior lecturer, department of design.

Afterwards a panel with the project presenters elaborated on how EUniWell contributes towards global sustainable well-being.