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Within the EUniWell vision, our aim is to publish all outputs as Open Educational Resources (OERs) for increasing inclusiveness, transparency, accessibility and quality. This free webinar is the second in a mini-series on OERs offered by the HEFi Showcase Series team at the University of Birmingham. It is designed to guide and inspire academics and professional services staff in the art and science of open resources.

The photo shows two people working together in front of one computer. Both of them are looking at the same display.

The webinars provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss with colleagues who have in-depth experience of creating and using OER for teaching across a range of different disciplines.

Our first webinar of the new year is on Tuesday, 18 January 2022 – 13:00-14:00 (CET) / 12:00-13:00 (GMT) and you can register here!

The session will include presentations on the following topics:

(Almost) Everything you wanted to know about OER in 10 minutes! By Alastair Creelman

The clue is in the title… Alastair will try to inspire, explain, and sum it up with examples from his own experience of creating and using OER.

Alastair is a specialist in the field of online and distance education at Linnaeus University in Sweden. He is active in several national and international projects in areas such as distance/ online learning, quality questions, open educational resources (OER), MOOCs, social media in education and virtual exchange/ mobility. He also writes a reflective blog on educational technology, Corridor of Uncertainty. You can find him on Twitter as @alacre.

What is the point of OER? By Jeremy Kidwell

In this talk, Jeremy will examine a range of innovations in the wild and exciting world of OER. In particular, he will try to demystify OER a bit, looking at several very concrete examples of OER in action, and will unpack some of the ways that the development of open educational resources can benefit our teaching, students, and organisations.

Jeremy is an Associate Professor in Theological Ethics at the University of Birmingham. He describes himself as an “Ethicist, activist, hacker, ethnographer and eco-theologian. Interdisciplinary and unafraid”... For more info, please see Jeremy's website.

Open knowledge beyond OER – by James Everest

This talk will focus on a first-year module at UCL, which encourages students’ engagement with the dynamic, collaborative working practices of the open knowledge movement (as witnessed, for example, in Wikipedia). James will reflect on balancing the principle of openness with respect for authoritative sources of knowledge.

James is a lecturer in the Arts and Sciences (BASc) department at UCL, who has also worked in the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences (LANS) department at the University of Birmingham. You can find him on Twitter at @JREverest.

Interested? You can register here!