Well-Being Incubator: Workshop - Digital well-being: the risks and opportunities of digital media


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This online workshop organised by the University of Birmingham, University of Florence and University of Murcia in the framework of the EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator will explore ways to manage and control factors that contribute to digital well-being in our daily life.

A graphic and the headline "Digital wel-being: the risks and opportunities of digital media" as well as the full programme details that can be found in the corresponding event post.

This one-day workshop aims to identify the positive and negative impacts of engaging with digital activities in three domains: personal and family, workplace, and civic and democratic life. Furthermore, it explores ways to manage and control factors that contribute to digital well-being in these specific fields. Organisers will offer their own insights on this topic based on previous data or scientific evidence. The keynote speech will be held by Mariek Vanden Abeleen (Ghent University), whose work on digital well-being has been recently published in some of the most relevant journals in communication studies such as the Journal of Communication and the Journal ofMobile Media and Communication. The workshop is complemented by two mindfulness practices.


Friday, 24 February 2023, 9:00-12:00 CET / 8:00-11:00 GMT, online

9:00-9:15 CET / 8:00-8:15 GMT: Welcome and introduction

9:15-10:00 CET / 8:15-9:00 GMT: Mariek Vanden on the Fundamentals of Digital Well-being (Ghent University)

10:00-10:15 CET / 9:00-9:15 GMT: Coffee Break

10:15-11:00 CET / 9:15-10:00 GMT: Round Table.

  • Digital Well-being at personal and family level by Juan Miguel Aguado/Maria del Mar Grandio (Universidad de Murcia)
  • Workplace level by Daniel Wheatley (University of Birmingham) 
  • Societal (democracy and civic level) by Rocio Zamora (Universidad de Murcia)

11:00-11:45 CET / 10:00-10:45 GMT: 

  • Digital Mindfulness Practice I by Silvio de Magistris (Universidad of Florence) / Pilar Garrido (Universidad de Murcia)
  • Talk: "Well-being: digital mindfulness versus in-presence mindfulness
  • Digital Mindfulness Practice II by Silvio de Magistris/Pilar Garrido).

11:45-13:00 CET / 10:45-12:00 GMT: Final panel discussion: Indicators Framework of Digital well#being for a digital world

REGISTRATION: To register for the workshop, please use the following link: https://umurcia.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYvf-qrpzkuG9I9UBzW3NKQOObsCFMtjA7r

Further information

The workshop is free and open to EUniWell members.


María del Mar Grandío: mgrandio[at]um.es