Well-Being Incubator: Workshop - Interkingdom interactions in microbiomes linked to human health


Semmelweis University Online EUniWell-Event

The aim of this workshop is to bring together students and researchers from all EUniWell member universities to discuss the latest advances in interkingdom microbiota interactions and to promote new collaborative research initiatives for human health applications.

A blue picture of bacteria through a microsocpe.

The workshop will be composed of a combination of talks interspersed with interactive discussion sessions in small and large groups. The talks will be given by invited speakers as well as those wishing to apply for an open speaking slot. This is to allow Early Career Researchers and speakers who may have passed under our radar to get involved with the workshop and bring their expertise to the table. The final programme will be determined depending on the number of applicants. 

The small-group discussion sessions will encourage networking. A mix of students and academics and will be asked to identify shared interests and complementary perspectives and methodologies on order to begin to develop ideas for collaborative research. A final plenary discussion session will gather ideas from the breakout sessions to make additional connections and further develop ideas, allow for new research ideas and questions arising from the smaller groups to be discussed and expanded on.

This workshop meets the research objectives of EUniWell through developing an inclusive multidisciplinary microbiome research consortium in recognition of the multitude of impacts the microbiome has on our health and well-being. 

The workshop will be recorded for those unable to attend or attend in full and to broaden the audience among EUniWell member universities. Participants will access the workshop online. 

The login link will be provided to the registrants by email.

You can register at the following link: 

The detailed programme, currently with open slots for offered talks, can be found at: 

Further information

Organising partner universities: 

  • Semmelweis University
  • Nantes Université
  • University of Birmingham