Well-Being Incubator: Workshop - The rise of sea levels and societal adaptation to climate change


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Rising sea levels and other forms of climate change have significant consequences for agriculture and food production. Planning for these impacts and considering the most appropriate responses will be the focus of a workshop developed under the EUniWell Well-being Research Incubator.

A photograph of the sea with two boats.

The workshop will be held on 13 February 2023 at 11:00 CET / 10:00 GMT and is open to researchers, students and staff across the EUniWell Alliance. 

The aim of the workshop is to map the distribution of sea level rise to get a clear picture of global salinisation of agricultural land and to design a future scenario with the best adaptation strategies.

REGISTRATION: To register for the workshop, please use the following link: https://meet.google.com/mbv-iyjo-zod

CONTACT: For more information please contact Filippo Randelli, filippo.randelli[at]unifi.it.

The workshop will be organised by Filippo Randelli and Federico Martellozzo, University of Florence; Boris Braun, University of Cologne; Natasha Cornea, University of Birmingham; Peter van Bodegom, University of Leiden; and Juan Pedro Montavez, University of Murcia.