Energise your break: Digital 15-minute sports opportunity for EUniWell employees

08/05/2020 | Well-Being Participation European University

All EUniWell employees are invited to take part in a special free online course offered by UniSport Cologne. The weekly sports break is available beginning May 14. Learn more and find the application link here!

UniSport Cologne has created a special English edition of its popular PausenExpress offering for the EUniWell community. All employees at the EUniWell partner universities are invited to partake free of charge.

PausenExpress (literally, the ‘break express’) offers the opportunity of 10-15 minutes of health-oriented exercise for your well-being, specially designed for a work environment. Learn more in English here!

The English EUniWell PausenExpress takes place on Thursdays from 12.00-12.15 (CET), beginning May 14. If you work or study at a EUniWell university and would like the opportunity of a weekly 15-minute sports break for your well-being, you are warmly invited to register for the free online course here!