Linneaus University researchers are developing a new, unique antibody test for Covid-19

04/01/2021 | Linnaeus Corona

A research group from Linnaues University led by Ian Nicholls and Per Nilsson is developing a more reliable and more detailed testing of the immune system.

In cooperation with the private company Attana, the researchers are developing the new diagnostic platform AVA (Attana Virus Analytics). Tests are being conducted through serum, plasma, and full blood analyses to study individuals’ immune response to SARS Cov-2 and the bacteria Clostridium tetani, which causes tetanus. The samples have been collected from both the crook of the arm and from finger sticks with promising results, which enables easy sampling with results being available within 15 minutes.

By collecting data on the quantity and quality of antibodies in a sample and then comparing these with samples taken at a later time, an immunity development profile can be established. AVA also offers laboratories the opportunity to validate already existing test results with great accuracy.

The platform can assist decision makers concerning, for instance, recommendations, restrictions, and vaccination. Better tests for antibodies will have impact on all levels, individuals and authorities as well as companies and society at large.

This research success illustrates how EUniWell member universities help to solve the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.