Nantes researcher receives CNRS 2020 Innovation Medal for new findings in transplantation medicine

09/07/2020 | European University

Sophie Brouard, CNRS Research Director at the Centre de recherche en transplantation et immunologie at EUniWell partner Université de Nantes, receives the CNRS 2020 Innovation Medal. Since 2011, the CNRS Innovation Medal rewards researchers whose exceptional research work has led to ground breaking innovation in the technological, economic, therapeutic, and social fields.

A veterinarian by training, Sophie Brouard gradually became interested in the problem of graft rejection in kidney and lung transplants. She currently serves as a CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) research professor at the CRTI (Centre de recherche en transplantation et immunologie – Université de Nantes/Inserm/ITUN/CHU de Nantes), and focuses on alleviating the burden of heavy anti-rejection treatments, which cause numerous side effects. “With my medical and veterinary training, I have always needed to know what applications my research will find”, she stresses. It was originally while looking at the few kidney transplant patients who could forego treatment that she revealed the B-lymphocyte regulation phenomenon and explored the mechanisms through which it occurs, with a view to a possible therapy. Part of her research is also dedicated to identifying biomarkers to evaluate, predict, and diagnose the risk of kidney or lung graft rejection in an effort to better anticipate and adapt treatments. With her knowledge of the needs of industry and technology transfer players, she has used her work to meet the needs of companies. With 163 scientific publications and 13 patents under her belt, she believes it is important to emphasise that “research is conducted by a team”. In partnership with academic colleagues, she has launched two start-ups, TcLand Expression and Effimune, which became OSE Immunotherapeutics, to develop therapeutic tools in various research fields related to cancer and autoimmune diseases. Learn more here!