MaterialWell Summer School - Responsible Research and Innovation

06/09/2022 to 09/09/2022

University of Birmingham University of Birmingham EUniWell-Event

Members of the MaterialWell network from Cologne, Birmingham and Semmelweis, are organising three summer schools for students at all levels.

A summer of study! Three summer schools are now open for EUniWell students through the “MaterialWell” materials science network.

  • Theoretical and technologically related practical basics of quantum molecular computations (Semmelweis, 20-23 June, an online school)
  • Sustainable Future Strategies in Advanced Functional Ceramics for Human Well-Being (Cologne, 10-14 July)
  • Responsible Research and Innovation (Birmingham, 6-9 September)

If you are at one of the EUniWell institutions, at any level from Bachelor to postdoc and early career researcher, and are interested in attending, please get in touch! Full details including registration procedure is available via the MaterialWell website below.

The MaterialWell network has been set up within EUniWell to drive Materials Science and Technology teaching and research within EUniWell for the future.

Further information

MaterialWell is a project funded within the Seed Funding Programme of EUniWell. Further details are available on the MaterialWell website.

To register for the Birmingham Summer School on "Responsible Research and Innovation", fill out the form via this link by 6 August.

  • Target Group: for PhD, postdocs and early-career researchers
  • Application Deadline: 6 August 2022