“Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs”(Researchers’ White Night)


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The “Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs” (Researchers’ White Night) is an all-night-event during which Nantes Université combines science with culture and a festive spirit. This 6th edition focuses on the concept of “Frontiers(s)”.

The image shows a gradient of colours, from grey-blue to pink, in front of a rocky relief.

The Researchers’ White night takes place this year on 27 January at Halle 6, which is Nantes Université’s interdisciplinary centre dedicated to digital culture. It will also be live streamed on the university's YouTube channel (in French), and thus available to everyone.

"Frontiers" in focus

Because we challenge them, because we draw them, because we question them, because we establish them or because we fight them, frontiers are at the heart of all current events. Those of researchers as well as those of citizens. Take some time to explore these issues!

Several topics related to well-being and other questions that EUniWell advocates (well-being in health, in society, open science and gender equality) will be discussed, including the following:

  • Frontier between science and opinion, and how the credibility of research may be affected by the increasing mistrust of science and scientists  
  • Frontiers of gender and how the perception of these frontiers impact health and health care
  • Frontiers of hospitality: frontiers seen not only as a physical barrier for migrants to cross, but also a social and a cultural one. Migratory crisis or hospitality crisis?

The complete programme can be downloaded HERE.

All conferences, workshops, etc. are held in French. The conferences will be live streamed on Nantes Université’s YouTube channel, so come and join the “Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs” on 27 January from 18:00 CET (17:00 GMT) to 00:00 CET (23:00 GMT)!