EUniWell attends the NAFSA Conference & Expo

06/05/2023 | by EUniWell | Event

EUniWell was represented at the 75th annual conference of NAFSA in Washington, D.C. to share innovative ideas and collaborate with global partners in higher education. The flagship event of the international education field, the NAFSA 2023 Annual Conference & Expo connected international educators, exhibitors, business partners, public officials, and other stakeholders from across the industry and the globe from 30 May to 2 June 2023.

EUniWell representatives at the 75th NAFSA conference.
EUniWell representatives at the 75th NAFSA conference.
EUniWell representatives at the 75th NAFSA conference.

International educators from more than 100 nations discovered the latest innovations, proven strategies, and best practices at NAFSA 2023. Participants had the opportunity to build upon existing institutional partnerships, establish new networks and attend sessions featuring international education leaders and changemakers across the globe. 

NAFSA 2023 objectives

NAFSA 2023 is a platform for global voices working together to inspire our collective future. The conference showcases  bold ideas and global perspectives, connected to the conference theme:

  • local, national, and global advocacy for community engagement and impact
  • programmes that support the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff in the international education community
  • assessment of the ongoing impact of virtual, hyflex, and hybrid learning models and programmes
  • the role of IE leaders in increasing inclusivity and building relationships across campus and with key stakeholders to further these efforts
  • innovative approaches to managing through crises, including navigating legalities, weighing financial risk, minimizing academic disruption, and addressing ethical challenges related to global programmes and operations
  • new skills and cross-functional competencies defining the changing profile of an “international educator” and shaping collaborative teams and communities
  • transformative ideas that redefine mobility for students, faculty, and staff
  • management of career advancement for students and staff in a shifting job market
  • cultivation of renewed faculty engagement in internationalization efforts and curriculum development 
  • new models for comprehensive, ambitious, and inclusive internationalization, and more

EUniWell participation

The EUniWell Alliance was represented with a EUniWell stand and also by colleagues from the universities of Birmingham, Cologne, Florence, Konstanz, Murcia, Linneaus, and Semmelweis.

“The EUniWell stand gave us the opportunity to showcase our position and explain to partners how cooperation always wins over competition. Universities having a joint strategy are stronger and more attractive.” said Prof. Giorgia Giovannetti, Vice-Rector for International Relations of University of Florence.

“Coming back to NAFSA after 4 years and re-connecting with colleagues and friends has been a wonderful experience. There is great curiosity about European alliances among colleagues from around the world and EUniWell was well received. It has also been good to get to know colleagues within the EUniWell network. We all agreed that a platform like NAFSA can be valuable for EUniWell in the future.” said Ingela Åberg, Senior Internationalisation Officer from Linnaeus University.

"There was a lively interest in EUniwell at NAFSA. It was important to present and promote EUniWell, as many of the university representatives from the US were not even aware that such alliances existed in Europe. The spirit of EUniWell really came alive during our internal meetings with the colleagues from the partner universities. EUniWell is a real and working bond between us.” said Dr. Ádám Orosz, EUniWell project manager from Semmelweis University. 

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