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In light of current developments relating to the corona crisis, the challenges we face in a globalized and connected world become all the more apparent. EUniWell is active in research on health and well-being to help cope with the severe and multifold impact of the corona crisis on our collective and individual well-being and societal development. Also, find here our regularly updated blog.

EUniWell positions itself against anti-black racism and all other forms of racial, ethnic and cultural discrimination

07/09/2020 European University Well-Being

Recent protests to end anti-black racism have heightened awareness of the structural roots of racism and its persistence in societies all over the globe.

Prospective multidimensional analysis of immersive Environments

26/01/2021 Digital Education Well-Being

This event is organised by the EUniWell Seed Funding Call 1 project group Enriched Reality for Education and Well-Being (EREdWeb)

Launch of the Erasmus+ App on January 28th, 2021

25/01/2021 Erasmus European Student Card

The Erasmus+ App is a milestone in the development of the European Student Card. It will be launched in an online event on January 28th from 2pm – 3:30pm (CET).

EUniWell researchers’ network launch for Diagnosing and Combatting Viral and Cancer Diseases

19/01/2021 Cancer Viral Diseases

Researchers from Birmingham, Florence and Leiden who were successful in the first seed funding call are launching an online meeting for collaborative research on Friday 29th January from 10:00-12:30 CET / 9:00-11:30 am GMT

Linneaus University researchers are developing a new, unique antibody test for Covid-19

04/01/2021 Linnaeus Corona

A research group from Linnaues University led by Ian Nicholls and Per Nilsson is developing a more reliable and more detailed testing of the immune system.

Research Visit by Professor Michaela Mahlberg (University of Birmingham) at the University of Cologne

07/12/2020 Cologne Birmingham

Professor Michaela Mahlberg from the University of Birmingham will be joining Professor Beatrix Busse’s team at the University of Cologne as a visiting professor between January and August 2021 to accelerate research and education cooperation.


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