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In light of current developments relating to the corona crisis, the challenges we face in a globalized and connected world become all the more apparent. EUniWell is active in research on health and well-being to help cope with the severe and multifold impact of the corona crisis on our collective and individual well-being and societal development. Also, find here our regularly updated blog.

EUniWell positions itself against anti-black racism and all other forms of racial, ethnic and cultural discrimination

07/09/2020 European University Well-Being

Recent protests to end anti-black racism have heightened awareness of the structural roots of racism and its persistence in societies all over the globe.

EUniWell universities score high on global ranking list


The Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2021 have recently been released with EUniWell universities occupying prestigious positions in various categories. THE provides performance data on universities from different aspects using performance indicators. Impact Rankings 2021 are the third…

Meet Lina Lindell, one of the Winners of the Second Seed Funding Call

12/05/2021 Linnaeus Seed Funding Call

EUniWell’s Seed Funding Call (SFC) is a fund to connect researchers, educators, staff, and students within the Alliance to work on interesting and European-wide projects. Lina Lindell is coordinator of one of the winning projects from the second round of SFCs.

Public Health Africa-EU after Covid-19 – Panel Discussion on the State of Vaccination on the African Continent

10/05/2021 Corona Vaccination

Within the EU State of the Union talks on May 6th 2021, Vice-Rector Giorgia Giovannetti from EUniWell partner University of Florence had a conversation with José Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Commission, about inequality in the pandemic which hits Africa much harder than Europe…

Study of the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology estimates the potential to reduce emissions up to 500m tonnes of CO2

07/05/2021 Sustainability Nutrition

A team of scientists including experts from the University of Birmingham calculates the possible reduction of emission by restoring all global agricultural peatlands. This can be done by raising the water level in the fields according to a current study.

Good practices Symposium on student well-being

05/05/2021 Students Well-Being

Are you a staff member with an example of good practice in improving student well-being, such as a tool, support service, course or e-health module? Are you conducting research into student well-being? Or are you a student who is involved in a peer-to-peer initiative or community building? Share…

Events in EUniWell

Good Practices on Student Well-Being

30/09/2021 to 01/10/2021

Leiden University Online Symposium EUniWell-Event

Diversity-Week digital

14/06/2021 to 18/06/2021

University of Cologne Related Event

EUniWell Virtual Staff Training Week

17/05/2021 to 20/05/2021

Linnaeus University and Leiden University Online-Event EUniWell-Event

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