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In light of current developments relating to the corona crisis, the challenges we face in a globalized and connected world become all the more apparent. EUniWell is active in research on health and well-being to help cope with the severe and multifold impact of the corona crisis on our collective and individual well-being and societal development. Also, find here our regularly updated blog.

EUniWell positions itself against anti-black racism and all other forms of racial, ethnic and cultural discrimination

07/09/2020 European University Well-Being

Recent protests to end anti-black racism have heightened awareness of the structural roots of racism and its persistence in societies all over the globe.

Cologne CEPLAS centre searches for new varieties of plants who need less fertiliser


A study of the CEPLAS Cluster of Excellence of the University of Cologne shows how plants regulate their nitrogen supply with the help of bacteria.


14/04/2021 Rectors Meeting

On 24th March 2021 all the top leaders of the EUniWell partner universities took part in the second Rectors’ Assembly. The Rectors, Vice-Chancellors, Vice-Rectors, other leaders of the partner universities and the representatives of EUniWell Student Board came together at the Assembly to speak about…

Semmelweis University is hosting the "EUniWell: Hello Hungary!" Online Conference

09/04/2021 Semmelweis

Semmelweis University is proud to be part of EUniWell, a European University Alliance that aims to strengthen cross-institution strategic partnership so that the international competitiveness of European higher education is much enhanced.

Nantes-based researchers publish new results on diabetes in connection with Covid19

06/04/2021 Nantes Corona

The French diabetology network CORONADO (CORONAvirus SARS-Cov2 & Diabetes Outcomes) has just published new results in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, EASD) on the outcome of diabetic patients hospitalised for COVID-19 in spring 2020.

a stressed woman sits in a lecture hall with her eyes closed

Employee Counseling Service helps manage stress and burnout in Semmelweis University

31/03/2021 Semmelweis Stress

The Employee Counseling Service is available since December 2020 organized by the Semmelweis Health Development Center and the Institute of Behavioural Sciences. Its primary aim is to provide support for university employees in case of life management difficulties, as well as problems related to…


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