EUniWell Staff Training Week at the University of Florence

05/23/2023 | Florence Linnaeus Mobility Staff

The EUniWell Staff Training Week, organised in cooperation with Linnaeus University (Sweden), took place at the University of Florence from 8–12 May 2023. The event was an exciting opportunity to inspire closer collaboration and to provide relevant training on well-being to many members of the administrative staff from EUniWell universities.

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Participants at the EUniWell Staff Week at the University of Florence.
Participants at the EUniWell Staff Week at the University of Florence.

From 8–12 May 2023, administrative staff representatives from the EUniWell Alliance had the opportunity to meet in Florence on the occasion of the EUniWell Staff Training Week, a week-long in-person event dedicated to cross-cutting well-being topics such as intercultural communication, conflict management, inclusion and diversity, as well as sustainability. 

The aim of this week was to offer all participants the opportunity to meet their colleagues, strengthen cooperation within the Alliance, and share experiences and best practices to build a society that prioritises well-being in all its dimensions. A wide variety of workshops and activities were offered, all aimed at strengthening intercultural communication skills and deepening conflict resolution knowledge while focusing on key topics related to well-being, such as inclusion and diversity, or sustainable practices.

After a successful week of workshops, lectures, and activities, EUniWell Managing Director Dr. Graham Harrison closed the event with a presentation on EUniWell’s vision for the future and the prospect of new and challenging goals to achieve. 

This week has been a great opportunity to meet our colleagues, share ideas, and learn from each other. EUniWell and the University of Florence thank everyone for their great enthusiasm, motivation, and participation throughout the event!


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