Mental Health Symposium 2022

14/10/2022 to 15/10/2022

EUniWell Semmelweis University & online EUniWell-Event

The Mental Health Symposium is part of a winning Seed Funding project, initiated by the students of seven EUniWell partner universities, led and hosted by Semmelweis University at the Basic Medical Science Center in Budapest, Hungary. It aims to draw attention to the current challenges of student mental health and to explore and enhance mental health initiatives and resources at partner universities.

The mental health of young adults in the 21st century is of international concern, and universities have a key role and responsibility in both prevention and support. Students of the European University of Well-Being’s (EUniWell) have joined forces in order to increase mental health awareness and to develop a common proposal aimed at improving student mental health.

The Mental Health Symposium

  • Highlights mental health challenges of young adults from university students’ point of view
  • Presents the results of the mental health survey carried out across seven partner universities in the frame of the project
  • Offers an insight into other mental health-related projects within EUniWell
  • Provides a unique opportunity to review existing university mental health resources
  • Promotes discussion between students and professionals and the exchange of best practices
  • Results in a student proposal on the development of mental health support services at EUniWell partner universities 

The Semmelweis University-led initiative was among the winning projects in the EUniWell Seed Funding Call in 2021 and has been realised by the cooperation of students at the Universities of Birmingham, Florence, Cologne, Leiden, Linnaeus, Nantes, and Semmelweis. A mental health study was carried out across the universities, followed by the Mental Health Symposium which will enable the exchange of ideas and the creation of a common proposal based on the findings of the study. After the Symposium, the best proposal will be presented to the Vice-Rectors of EUniWell universities, serving as useful input for future developments. The collaborative work of students will continue after the event by building up an online platform to exchange ideas and report progress. 


Address: Semmelweis University, Basic Medical Science Center, 1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 37-47. Budapest, Hungary 

ATTENTION! The on-site program is FOR EUNIWELL DELEGATES ONLY! Other interested students and professionals can join the hybrid sessions on 14 October via the Zoom link received after registration.  

We are looking forward to seeing you in person or online!

The Organising Committee:

  • Hana Idelbi, Project Manager
  • Sloan Kudrinko, Internal & External Affairs Manager
  • Ingy Jabri, Finance Manager
  • Josh Tung, Social Media Manager
  • Ansam Ghazaleen, Social Media Manager
  • Fattum Idelbi, Social Media Manager
  • Izumi Yoshida, Student Regulator
  • Artman Khorshidian, Student Club Organizer and Student Regulator
  • Aziz Tayeb, Survey and Data Analysis Organizer
  • Eveen Wendy, Administrative Manager
  • Aymen Khalid Mahmood, Student Club Organizer
  • Emad Hosseini Tabatabei, Logistic Manager 
  • Saghar Shojazadeh, Logistic Manager