EUniWell Educational Offer

What courses and programmes does EUniWell offer to EUniWell students, researchers and staff?

EUniWell has been preparing several joint programmes and has organised some exciting (mostly virtual) mobility opportunities for students. Discover these programmes and stay tuned for more upcoming opportunities!

Under development

Master Programmes

  • Master Programme on Life Course Population Health
  • Master Programme on Global Peace, Well-being and Justice

EUniWell PhD Programmes

  • EUniWell Graduate School
  • Research Communication Programme for PhD students

EUniWell pilot courses and training modules

  • Pilot course on “Decentering Epistemologies for Global Well-Being” based on the universal classroom principle together with African institutions
  • Training module on “Entrepreneurial Mindset” 
  • Training module on  “Social Entrepreneurship”
  • Community of Practice (CofP)
  • Community of Practice (CofP) where EUniWell stakeholders – staff and students share well-being related concerns and distinguish best practices in a structured way.