Good practices Symposium on student well-being

25/05/2021 | Students Well-Being

Are you a staff member with an example of good practice in improving student well-being, such as a tool, support service, course or e-health module? Are you conducting research into student well-being? Or are you a student who is involved in a peer-to-peer initiative or community building? Share your knowledge and experience with students and staff from our EUniWell partner universities at the “Good Practices Symposium on Student Well-Being”.

The symposium on student well-being is organised by scholars of the Universities of Birmingham, Florence, Leiden and Semmelweis. The symposium will cover a variety of topics such as well-being as part of the curriculum, and scientific research on student well-being, taking a student-to-student approach into account as well as tools and resources for support staff.

For the discussion, the organisers ask for proposals of good practices.

If you would like to discuss your proposal in a panel discussion, please submit it by July 16th via this link.

For more detailed information please go to our event subpage.

A selection committee consisting of students from the organising universities will review the proposals and select the ones which will be included for discussion. The student committee will be advised by academic staff.