Employee Counseling Service helps manage stress and burnout in Semmelweis University

03/31/2021 | Semmelweis

The Employee Counseling Service is available since December 2020 organized by the Semmelweis Health Development Center and the Institute of Behavioural Sciences. Its primary aim is to provide support for university employees in case of life management difficulties, as well as problems related to stress and burnout.

a stressed woman sits in a lecture hall with her eyes closed

The counseling service provides psychological assistance to university staff and provides support to effectively deal with everyday challenges. University staff members may turn to the counseling service not only with psychological problems that are related to work performance, but with other issues making work difficult. Such problems are for example: the difficulties of handling stress and anxiety; relationship problems; time management issues; difficulties with family members; problems related to grief or sickness; search for a professional identity; uncertainty and difficulties in decision-making. The Employee Counseling Service also provides help to cope with the emotional consequences of increased workload related to the COVID-19 epidemic and to handle associated stress.

Besides individual consultations, the Employee Counseling Service provides group psychology services as well, such as stress handling group services, group services for the prevention of burnout, Mindfulness groups and groups for case discussion. In the latter, psychologically burdensome cases can be discussed, regardless of specialisation.

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