Arena 3

Environmental Change and Well-Being

In the Arena Environmental Change and Well-Being, researchers and professors join forces to address the challenges of climate change and climate protection to create sustainable, safe, and inclusive environments. These are key components to support individual, social, and planetary well-being and are being translated into a series of common research and educational projects.

Climate Change 

The first focus of this arena is on questions related to climate change and protection from a well-being perspective. Bringing together the research expertise of all EUniWell partners and aligned with the SDGs, it addresses key climate-related topics such as water and air pollution, cloud observatories, and also the role of specific landscapes such as the Arctic, deserts or the Baltic Sea and also includes research from economics and the social sciences on how to incentivise climate protection.

Urban Environment

The second focus of this arena is the urban environment from a well-being perspective. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and this proportion is still increasing. As Europe and the world continue to urbanise, future challenges to sustainable development and human well-being will be increasingly concentrated in cities. According to the United Nations, there is a need for integrated policies to improve the lives of urban dwellers. This is clearly expressed in the SDG 11, which targets making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

What we are working on

The group of professors in the Arena's steering group decided to open the doors and include new people who can contribute to the research, thus creating the Environment Academy.

What is the Environment Academy?

The EUniWell Academy on Environment, Urbanity and Well-being is a EUniWell centre that promotes research in the field of environment, climate change, urbanity and well-being and contributes to innovative, interdisciplinary and rigorous research in the public and private sector through analytical studies, scientific dissemination and training.

Why is it an added value?

Thanks to our European network, it will be possible to integrate different research and dissemination activities from the EUniWell partner universities and cities.

The primary objective of the Academy on Environment, Urbanity and Well-being is to develop a unique body of research, to bring together experts, to share existing organisational expertise and to create new learning approaches to support innovation.  

Is it only about research?

Other activities of the Academy are related to all non-curricular learning activities such as: annual conferences, panel discussions, joint workshops and experiments, hackathons or learning and fieldwork expeditions. The Academy is designed to connect European researchers and implement capacity building and educational activities.


Would you like to apply to join the academy?

Email your CV and research area to euniwell[at] .