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EUniWell Research Training Academy

as part of EUniWell #Research

EUniWell Research Training Academy

In line with EUniWell's mission and commitment to advance research on well-being, while also promoting the well-being of those conducting it, researchers are at the heart of our activities. Promoting and supporting our research community is therefore not only a strategic field of action for EUniWell, but also a social obligation of our European University. It is our goal to support the next generation of researchers in the best possible way and to responsibly create new ideas and innovations for our knowledge-based society and a sustainable future.

Training and career development

The Research Training Academy aims to centralise EUniWell's career support and training offer for researchers and will provide various services, including a centre for emerging talent and talent, a centre for leaders, an extensive range of courses, scholarships and networking opportunities to attract, develop and nurture the next generation of EUniWell change-makers.

This initiative employs a holistic perspective on researcher development to ensure that Ph.D. students, postdocs and researchers are prepared for a multitude of professional goals and roles in society, and places a strong emphasis on the well-being and personal development of researchers.

The Research Training Academy will support the creation of a community of researchers united by their commitment to well-being and provide a space where they can network, interact, co-create and share their research findings. 

EUniWell Research Training Academy offer

The EUniWell Training Academy seeks to equip researchers with all relevant “future skills” that will help them to tackle a growing number of cross-cutting topics such as open science, innovation, sustainability, data management, co-creation, science communication and entrepreneurial mindset.

By re-skilling and up-skilling academics with such “future skills”, EUniWell aims to provide a supportive, agile, dynamic, well-being-led environment that enables researchers to focus on solving new research challenges.

This centralised hub for PhD candidates, postdocs and researchers provides the necessary tools to create the best conditions for the training and career development of researchers and to foster their success inside and outside academia on internationally competitive career paths to become leading intellectual trailblazers.

The EUniWell Research Training Academy will continue to develop new opportunities for researchers in the coming months, such as networking activities and modules on leadership and open science. Check back here, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date. You will also find regular offers specifically for postgraduate students and early career researchers, such as our Science-to-Public Communication Workshops, in our Events Calendar.

Further information

The EUniWell Research Training Academy is developed under the umbrella of the EUniWell #Research project as part of the H2020 programme under the Science with and for Society (SwafS) call.


For any questions or suggestions about the Research Training Academy, please contact euniwell[at]univ-nantes.fr.