Trauma and Well-being: Developing an Interdisciplinary, Inter-University, Collaborative Online Certificate Program in Trauma Studies

General Overview

This ambitious project aims to create an interdisciplinary, intercultural, and inter-university online certificate programme in Trauma Studies, blending psychological and cultural perspectives.

Tailored for students and professionals, the collaborative initiative involves trauma experts and researchers from Italy, France, Hungary, and Ukraine. The project is led by the University of Florence, with esteemed professors and PhD candidates from Nantes Université, Semmelweis University and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Purpose and Significance

This project addresses the imperative for trauma-informed approaches in higher education, emphasising a transdisciplinary, transcultural perspective in Trauma Studies. Designed for both students and professionals, the programme spans psychological trauma in healthcare and mental health care, as well as societal and collective trauma impacting communities and individuals in various disciplines. Aligned with EUniWell’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, mobility, inclusive education, and the understanding of trauma’s impact on well-being, this project seeks to foster resilience.

Implementation Method and Timeline

The project adopts an online collaborative approach over 12 months, featuring 10 online meetings and an in-person-hybrid knowledge-exchange workshop in Florence in October 2023. These sessions involve planning, course development, workshop organisation, survey implementation, discussions with university leadership, and preparing for future funding applications. The culmination is a comprehensive plan for a lasting collaboration.

Expected Outcomes

The project envisions several outcomes:

  1. Development of a Certificate Programme: A Trauma Studies certificate programme will be crafted, complete with course descriptions, reading lists, and learning outcomes.
  2. Survey Insights: Obtaining survey results will gauge student interest in the programme, their awareness of trauma and resilience, shaping the programme to meet their needs.
  3. University Agreements: Establishing agreements with participating universities for credit recognition ensures the programme’s credibility.
  4. Continued Collaboration Plan: The project intends to create a sustainable plan for future collaborations, fostering a lasting impact.
  5. Knowledge-Sharing Workshop: An in-person-hybrid workshop in Florence will facilitate knowledge exchange among experts and students, enhancing the programme’s effectiveness.
  6. Handbook Outline: An outline for a handbook accompanying the academic programme will be prepared, providing additional resources.

Ultimately, the success of this project promises to elevate education on trauma and well-being within the EUniWell network, contributing to a more informed, resilient, and compassionate community.