MADEINEUROPE 2 - Migration and diversity in European cities

Building on the success of the first MADEINEUROPE school, we will host the second edition of the hybrid summer school on migration and diversity in European cities for Masters and PhD students across the EUniWell network.

Purpose and Significance

Although migrants already formed a substantial part of many European societies, over the past three decades, the size, speed, and spread of human mobility has grown in significance. These accelerated changes are transforming local communities and the dynamics and politics of diversity at destination, as well as at origin, as shown by the growth of diaspora institutions over the same period. Cities are the primary destination of migrants and where migration-driven diversity is occurring at a faster pace. They are also strategic sites for the formation of new types of identities and communities and new political subjects and possibilities of social transformation.

The MADEINEUROPE Summer School provides a unique opportunity to bring together EUniWell researchers, teachers and students as well as practitioners (civil servants, campaigners, migrants, NGOs) to discuss migration and diversity through a societal well-being lens.

The specific objective of MADEINEUROPE is to run a collaborative, interdisciplinary and research-driven summer school on migration, diversity and inclusion, focused primarily on European cities, but attentive to the transnational connections and global networks that connect them to the world, and seek accreditation for participation across the EUniWell network. 

The first edition of the School had 40 participants from EUniWell universities and partner organisations. The final in-person event was held in Florence in June 2022.

Implementation Method and Timeline

We will develop a hybrid short course on migration and diversity building on expertise in the EUniWell network. A Call for Participants will be launched in January 2023. The Summer School consists of 4 weeks of online lectures and seminars and a final in-person workshop. Participants will receive a travel bursary to attend the final in-person event.

Further information

We will develop a project website in Fall 2022.


Nando Sigona (Birmingham)