SIMU-VACTION - AI and Health Disparities

think globally, act locally

Project Simu-Vaction is an invitation for students to think globally about local issues by participating in a simulation titled “AI and Health Disparities on a Global Stage”. The simulation will replicate an international meeting of the Global Partnership on AI, which is an international forum created by the French and the Canadian Governments. 

After six weeks of preparation, students will travel to and meet in Atlanta to play the roles of national delegates, journalists, and lobbyists. On Action Day, Tuesday 1 November 2022, and under the auspices of France-Atlanta 2022, the challenge for them is to write, debate and vote on a recommendation of one of the most challenging AI quandaries: How can we ensure that AI designed to help address health inequities does not, in fact, increase such disparities?  

Purpose and Significance

The overall initiative is featured as an innovative, inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural educational exercise, gathering students from six european Universities (University of Birmingham, University of Cologne, University of Florence, Leiden University, Nantes Université, Semmelweis University), from a Canadian University (University of Montreal), and American Universities (Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University). 

A full "ecosystem" involving community partners, regulators, diplomatic offices and businesses is being built to help, coach, and reward students on this crucial question around high-tech, health, and equity, reflecting both the focus, and the approaches developed by a consortium of European universities such as EUniWell. 

Implementation Method and Timeline

The project is organised in three stages. 

  • Stage 1 (virtual), from 8 September to 15 October, real stakeholders present their own positions 
  • Stage 2 (virtual),from 9 October onwards, students are assigned their roles (national delegation, journalists, or lobbyists). The students create a team identity (name, banner, motto…), a Twitter account; they research their position, post their activities.
  • Stage 3 (in-person in Atlanta), from Saturday 29 Oct to Tuesday 1 Nov, students attend sessions on Negotiation Techniques and discuss the draft of a recommendation (written and circulated in advance) in plenary session or in committee, participate in "press conferences" and use Twitter. The text must be submitted by 5.00 pm and followed by a one-hour debriefing. 

On 1 November 2022, they will vote for the most influential and the best communicator, and the awardees will receive a one-month internship with one of the sponsors. 

Expected Outcomes

The overall initiative, featured as an innovative, inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural educational exercise, is intended as a first step towards developing new courses on Artificial Intelligence and well-being, which could gather HE institutions and include community partners (businesses, NGOs, community partners, regulators…) in support of students.

Further Information