EUniWell Launch Day November 2020

EUniWell Launch Day: 17/11/2020

EUniWell Partner Universities Highlight Videos

Find out more about some of our 7 partner universities’ special strengths.

Leiden University

1. Healthy University, Leiden:

2. NWO Spinoza Price for Prof Sjaak Neefjes, Leiden University
see below

Linnaeus University

Alogland, Linnaeus University
The research project Algoland at Linnaeus University has found a way to purify air and water. Together with industry, researchers are investigating how microalgae and mussels help reduce eutrophication and greenhouse gases in a natural way.

University of Birmingham

Professor Lisa Bortolotti talks about Youth Mental Health (University of Birmingham)
The Institute for Mental Health recognises the multi-dimensional nature of mental health and a broad approach is required to understand the biological, psychological, anthropological, sociocultural and socio-economic factors that shape individual and population mental health. Such an understanding may, in turn, guide interventions. For more information visit:

Healthy Ageing research at University of Birmingham
Professor Janet Lord explains how researchers at Birmingham are tackling the healthy ageing puzzle and how they are making a real difference to the lives of some members of our older local community.

University of Birmingham’s Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) FACE facility
Professor Rob MacKenzie, Director of the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR), describes the need for full-scale experiments to discover the response of a mature temperate woodland to increase carbon dioxide levels and the remarkable facility built by the University of Birmingham to carry out those experiments. 

University of Cologne

Gender and Diversity at the University of Cologne

Early Career Researchers at the University of Cologne

Center for Teacher Education

University of Florence

Project FLORENCE – Prof. Enrica Caporali, Scientific Responsible for the Project – Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Florence

Project HOLD – Dr. Alessandro Ridolfi, Scientific Responsible for the Project HOLD, Industrial Engineering Department, University of Florence

University of Nantes

The Tribu Project at the University of Nantes: from September to December 2019, artists Louise Hochet and Mathilde Monjanel invited 16 Master students from History, Civilization and Heritage to participate in the Tribu project: a reinterpretation of history by the intimate, drawing on the memories of past generations within one’s own family.

Halle 6 at the University of Nantes: An open place where technology is accessible and research is transparent

Semmelweis University