Arena 1

Health and Well-Being

Health research is a key strength of all EUniWell partners. This arena builds on the existing research expertise of the eleven member universities which allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling the challenges connected to health and well-being. These building blocks are studied further in EUniWell’s Health and Well-being Arena. This Arena is linked to Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being. 

About Population Health Management

Maintaining or improving health & well-being and preventing the onset or worsening of chronic disease is at the core of Population Health Management. 

Current population health faces many challenges caused by demographic and epidemiologic transitions, such as the growing occurrence of multiple chronic diseases and ageing populations. These challenges compromise the sustainability of our health care systems. Population Health Management (PHM) is a broadly-based response to these challenges and has emerged as a strategy for health care providers and payers. PHM is the proactive integrated clinical management of a population at risk for adverse health outcomes, through a variety of individual, medical, organisational, and cultural interventions.

What we are working on

  • Joint development of an interdisciplinary research-oriented educational offer Master called “Life Course Population Health”
    This programme is being developed to exclusively train students to learn about the relationship between life course population health and (physical and social) environment, not only from a theoretical perspective, but also by experiencing this through studying and performing research in the university cities. Modules of this programme will reflect research and education strengths of the partner universities and aim to integrate complementing areas, so that participation may show added international and intercultural value with existing local programmes. Educational offers will be aimed at recognising, fostering, and developing sensitivity of the students to the needs of individuals from various socio-cultural and health/disease related backgrounds. 
  • EUniWell Summer School: “COVID-19: Impact on European health & well-being”
    The first jointly developed short-term educational programme of EUniWell will be held in the summer of 2022. This programme brings together expertise of EUniWell partner universities on population health topics related to the COVID pandemic. 
    More information on this programme
  • Establishment of Population Health Living Labs
    Our vision at EUniWell is that our universities become ‘anchor institutions’, embedded in the life of their communities and provide a bridge between the local and the global. EUniWell aims to be a facilitator for the co-creation of joint programmes, platforms, and pedagogies to promote health and well-being, and break down boundaries between institutions and surrounding regions and communities. One way to do this is through the establishment of Living Labs in our partner cities. Living labs are increasingly being used for Research and Development on societal issues in many countries and our Living Labs will be based on existing research strengths of our partner universities as ‘integration hubs’ for the consortium’s overarching research activities.