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Teacher Education

The education and training of future teachers is one of the pressing social challenges for many nations, in Europe and the world. The teaching profession represents a societal vanguard, drawing on digital knowledge and bearing the responsibility for a real ecological transition. With about 20,000 students within EUniWell aspiring to the teaching profession, we will position EUniWell as a worldwide leader in teacher education to meet the need for excellent training in an unprecedentedly complex, digitised, diverse, mobile, multicultural, and multilingual Europe.

Teacher Education Arena

Within EUniWell, the Teacher Education Arena is working with the aim of shaping and supporting the education and training of future European teachers. The main focus of this arena is to promote European student teachers and teacher identity by defining a common standard framework as the baseline for individual learning outcomes for European teacher education, leading to a transversal curriculum and the introduction of an international certificate.

What we are working on

The group is now working on analysing the “basic” professional standards recognised by the partner countries and adding new standards according key values of EUniWell, such as sustainability, well-being, inclusion and healthcare. 

Schools are of course recognised as fundamental stakeholders in the development of teacher training courses. They can support some of the concrete actions of the project, for example, promoting the international mobility of pre-service teachers within the European University Network through the piloting and subsequent implementation of internships in European schools within the European University Network. Internships can help to better connect theory and practice with regard to real world challenges in schools and society and to develop a common vision for a more hybrid teacher education where teaching and learning merge.

School and University Network

In this perspective, the creation of a network of schools wishing to collaborate with the EUniWell partner universities is seen by the partners as an important objective, which also corresponds to one of the main objectives of EUniWell, namely to promote cooperation between schools, local communities and universities, which can be supported through this network.

Three main opportunities of a School and University Network have been identified:

  1. To design and develop an integrated vocational training system for future teachers which also includes international mobility to promote a fully European perspective.
  2. To bring the focus on some of the core concepts of EUniWel - well-being, sustainability, inclusion and healthcare - into schools and vocational education and training.
  3. To foster innovation, starting from the connection between theory and practice, in order to respond, through education, to real world challenges in schools and in society.

In order to build the European School and University Network within the EUniWell Alliance, the university partners have started to map the current state of their links with local schools and to collect expressions of interest from school representatives and teachers wishing to become part of a network that promotes exchanges between teachers and future teachers and supports positive attitudes towards internationalisation in schools.

Call for school applications:

Are you a school in one of the EUniWell cities? If you represent a school and would like to be part of the network encouraging exchanges between teachers and future teachers and promoting a positive attitude towards internationalisation among schools, you can express your interest by responding to the survey which can be found here: