EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator

EUniWell promotes cooperation and collaboration between its member universities and a broad base of associate partner organisations from across Europe. So far, we’ve done this through a range of activities, from open lectures to a transnational festival of well-being.

EUniWell introduced a new initiative to promote collaboration in well-being research: the EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator. Researchers from participating universities are invited to put forward proposals to run online collaborative workshops on topics relating to EUniWell's four research areas. We want you to use our established, well-connected European Alliance to help widen your networks; learn about research activity taking place across Europe; and identify common interests, synergies and potential for collaboration.

What your workshop looks like is up to you. It could be a networking session for people working in the same field, or a structured meeting of an established partnership wishing to plan its next steps. The workshops just need to bring together researchers from at least three partner institutions from the EUniWell Alliance, and focus on collaboration in research (rather than teaching, or other aspects of higher education provision).

Third Call for Workshops now open

Researchers are now invited to apply to run a collaborative workshop via our brief online application form by 23:59 CEST / 22:59 BST on 26 May 2023. 

These workshops are intended to be an opportunity to make connections and explore opportunities for future collaboration. It is up to applicants to decide how best to do this. However there are some eligibility criteria, as outlined below. 

  • The workshop must bring together researchers and / or research staff from at least three EUniWell member universities. 
  • The workshop must support collaboration in research.
  • The theme or topic of the workshop must fall under one of the four EUniWell research areas
  • Workshop organisers must provide a brief feedback report. 
  • Workshops must be held online, between July and September 2023. 

Please see the Call for Workshops document for further information. 

Information and networking session

We will hold an online information and networking session for interested researchers on 27 April 2023, 15:00-16:00 CEST / 14:00-15:00 BST. Join us to hear more about the Well-Being Research Incubator and to meet researchers from our partner universities.

Follow-on funding

From October 2023, workshop participants will be able to submit project ideas to a follow-on funding scheme for collaborative research projects. This follow-on funding scheme will offer grants of up to €10,000 or up to €25,000 for small-scale projects which test out and scope ideas for larger-scale well-being research projects in the future. Funding is available to the following EUniWell partners: Universities of Birmingham, Cologne, Florence, Murcia and Nantes, and Linnaeus and Semmelweis Universities.

Further Information 

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