Institutional transformation

EUniWell brings together a variety of higher education institutions, with different expertises, perspectives, systems/structures and local contexts.

Through our European University, we can identify synergies, challenge our way of teaching and doing research, and develop new perspectives that in turn enable a transformation of each of our institutions, to become more inclusive, open, sustainable and democratic. 

During the pilot phase 2020-2023, in line with these shared ambitions, partner universities agreed to work on five main fields of actions. Here are some highlights : 

The academic employer of the future

EUniWell aims to be an exemplary institution concerning individual and collective well-being within and across our institutions. 

A joint HR well-being strategy document was established in 2021 by HR experts involved in EUniWell, which outlines a core set of shared values and ambitions :

  • To develop cultural common values in each university
  • To recognise, support and value professional commitment

Joint HR guidelines and a well-being programme were also drafted to support innovative and inclusive staff programmes. These include a set of 12 actions, for instance on prevention of discrimination and harrassment, on adaptating to evolving working conditions (e.g. increased use of home office), or on developing employees’ entrepreneurial skills. 

The methodology relies on exchange and sharing of best practices that can be transferred or adapted to other universities.. 

A challenge-driven approach to sustainability

EUniWell’s vision includes a shared sustainability-driven culture with a carbon neutral identity for "green" campuses, as well as actions towards more sustainable mobility and engagement in the Erasmus+ programme.

Each institution already implements a sustainability policy with numerous initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also at raising awareness and engaging students and citizens (Nantes’s Citizen Lab), staff training for sustainable development (Linnaeus), educational programmes for children (Semmelweis), etc. 

This growing EUniWell community of practices will form the backbone for the first EUniWell Sustainability Forum, bringing together staff, students and partners engaged in sustainability initiatives, in autumn in 2022 in Nantes. 

Creating an ecosystem based on an entrepreneurial mindset

As one of the main objectives of EUniWell is to create an ecosystem based on an entrepreneurial mindset, it is necessary to reform the common approach to the higher education, research and innovation environment. The development of an entrepreneurial mindset requires working with a systemic perspective of piloting and scaling up in constant dialogue with all stakeholders involved in EUniWell. 

Close relationships and synergies have been established between EUniWell members in relation to student entrepreneurship and start-up exchange programmes through the Seed Funding Project Discovery of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in EUniWell

The EUniWell working group on Entrepreneurship, composed of academics and representatives from the universities’ start-up incubators, is currently developing a flexible learning toolkit, with a strong focus on entrepreneurial mindset and social entrepreneurship that will support academics to include  entrepreneurial education into their courses. This learning material will also provide students from all levels of studies with the necessary future-focused employability skills in a fast changing global job market. 

A first start up exchange workshop, bringing together start-ups and student entrepreneurs operating in EUniWell related fields will be organised at Nantes Université in November 2022. 

Supporting the digitalisation of the alliance

EUniWell has placed a high priority on developing digital solutions to support research, education, mobility and civic engagement activities across our campuses. A dedicated working group, composed of senior IT practitioners, is providing support, guidance and technical solutions to address the challenges of distance-learning, collaborative work and networking for staff and students from across the alliance. 

EUniWell Steering Group on Institutional Transformation

To oversee the institutional transformation agenda of EUniWell, a dedicated Steering Group has been established, which meets every 2 months. Its members are vice-rectors from the participating universities and experts in change management or organisational development. The Steering Group oversees and accompanies the actions of the institutional transformation agenda.


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