EUniWell Student Participation

Declaration of the EUniWell Student Board 

We, the students of EUniWell, have come together to strongly support this European University, which focuses on well-being, diversity, and inclusion. We believe that the cooperation between our universities will open up new opportunities and possibilities to every student.

Our vision is to create a European environment within higher education, in which students can cooperate to develop new perspectives, interact with different cultures, and share experiences. Through open communication and collaboration with emphasis on well-being, be it mental, social or economic, we hope that we can help to improve student health and personal growth. Through the student representation from each university, we strive to reproduce the broad and diverse range of viewpoints that are present throughout the different European universities. 

Our mission is to foster the continued participation and involvement of students within EUniWell. We believe that our contribution to EUniWell has a significant impact on the future of higher education and students’ European identity as a whole. 

Student Board

With the EUniWell Student Board, students are at the core of EUniWell’s governance structure. The mission of this board is to both develop, co-create, and critically evaluate ideas within EUniWell. Moreover, we want to ensure that students’ voices are reflected in the further development of the European University. 

Each EUniWell partner university elects two members as student representatives for the EUniWell Student Board, and most also run a local Student Board according to their own governance traditions.  

The EUniWell Student Board, consisting of 16 student representatives from eight universities, and the Student Executive Team strive to ensure diversity both in terms of backgrounds and study levels, to ensure the different perspectives of all our students are heard. We meet monthly in order to discuss new developments within EUniWell and provide advisory statements to the EUniWell Board.

The Student Board has several current activities:

  • Monthly online meetings;
  • In-person meetings at the Rectors’ Assembly;
  • Varying work groups to give advice on specific developments within EUniWell.

History of Student Participation in EUniWell

The University of Birmingham, University of Cologne, University of Florence, Leiden University, Nantes Université, Linnaeus University, and Semmelweis University came together in Cologne in 2019 for a Design Thinking workshop. The aim was to bring all agents – students, academic and administrative – from the different institutions together and think about our contribution to the future of the European education area. 

Inspired by the ambitious nature and European scope of this project, the start of 2020 saw a group of students from each university working together intensively in order to increase student participation in the project even more. The second meeting of EUniWell in Cologne not only enabled us to learn more about the process of creating the proposed alliance, but also gave us, students, a platform upon which we could contribute our ideas and suggestions on behalf of our peers.

A large-scale cooperation of the students was launched in a Design Thinking Challenge in Leiden at the end of January 2020, in which 75 students from the seven universities participated. The students questioned the existing boundaries about education delivery and skills creation within universities to address the challenges of the 21st century.

These meetings led to the creation of the EUniWell Student Board.

Get in touch

If you have any further questions or would like to be involved, do not hesitate to contact the Student Executive Team at: