Technology Transfer of Peptides for the Well-being Economy

General Overview

Technology Transfer of Peptides for the Well-being Economy (TTPep) aims to promote peptides while educating new generations in this emerging field of natural and sustainable molecules with substantial impacts on health and well-being. Recognised for their favourable biological properties, peptides find utility across diverse sectors including nutrition, agriculture, pharma, biotech, and personal care.

This project establishes a pioneering training centre to facilitate the technology transfer of peptides, bridging the realms of natural sciences and the economy. Through laboratory training courses, seminars, and networking workshops, the project aims to translate knowledge in peptides into diagnostics, therapeutics, and cosmeceuticals with a focus on circular economy principles.

Purpose and Significance

Peptides possess significant potential in various domains. Chemical synthesis allows for tailoring their bioactivity, making them versatile and capable substitutes for synthetic polymers in sustainable packaging. The EUniWell partnership not only contributes new knowledge to the technology transfer of peptides for health and well-being but also fosters critical thinking, interdisciplinarity, and entrepreneurship. The ultimate aim is to improve health and quality of life while conserving a sustainable environment for current and future generations.

Implementation Method and Timeline

The project unfolds through strategic initiatives:

  • Establishment of Training Centre: Launching a "Training Centre for Peptide-Based Sustainable Technologies" from October 2023 to teach cutting-edge technological tools and develop marketable peptide-based products for well-being.
  • Summer School: Organising a summer school in May 2024 titled "Peptides from Bench to Business", focused on educating students in peptide science and technology for well-being, with a particular emphasis on technology transfer.
  • Lecture Series: Conducting a lecture series, "Technology Transfer of Peptides for the Well-being Economy", from September 2023 to June 2024, presenting significant developments at all participating universities.
  • Promotion of Female Researchers: Elevating awareness of female researchers in peptide science and technology through a special collection of scientific papers titled "Women in Peptide Science and Technology", hosted by the Journal of Peptide Science, from May 2023 to December 2023.

Expected Outcomes

The collaborative network aims to create an enriching environment for research, training, and economic valorisation. It will reinforce the significance of peptides and drive advancements in the sustainable synthesis, modification, and application of biologically relevant peptides as materials. Ultimately, the project seeks to contribute to a well-informed, sustainable, and prosperous future.