Civic Participation

Our staff and students all share a vision of how our partnership can help to improve life for people across Europe and beyond. There are many ways in which you can take part in EUniWell’s drive to support social and individual well-being:

  • In collaboration with academics, students and external stakeholders, the EUniWell project “Civic leadership to improve social well-being” co-created the “Civic Leadership Platform” to bring together partners from university and society, share resources and templates for embedding innovative and intercultural civic leadership approaches in Enterprise Education, and provide knowledge exchange opportunities (e.g. internships, cross-university collaborations).
  • In generating and sharing new knowledge, EUniWell has launched an Open Lecture Series on the topic of ‘Research on Well-being’ – giving people regular opportunities to connect academics, researchers, educators, students and the wider public. The talks provide insight into the latest scientific developments in an accessible way. 
  • FestiWell is an annual online event that brings together students, academics and interested people from across the EUniWell partner universities – providing a range of talks, discussions and events that promote a sustainable, well-being-focussed future. The second FestiWell ‘22 was organised around sustainability and well-being.
  • The Mayor’s Placement Scheme focuses on equality, diversity and inclusion, with the international team of students exploring ways of improving well-being for women and girls and recommend opportunities for action. Working virtually on a six-week placement, the project team is exploring approaches to the health and well-being of women and girls in the context of a globally diverse city. The Birmingham pilot scheme will form a foundation for similar projects in cities across Europe.
  • The School Ambassador Programme develops links and collaborations with local secondary schools - involving highly motivated university students as ambassadors for their university and role models for pupils. The scheme is being trialled by Semmelweis University, ahead of being rolled out in other countries.
  • Alumni mentoring provides opportunities to work with an international mentor, who provides guidance and support to their student charges.
  • EUniWell’s Policy Commissions bring leading figures from the public, private and third sectors together with EUniWell academics to generate new thinking on well-being issues of global, national, local, and civic concern. Our first Policy Commission examines the impact of COVID-19 on society.
  • Citizen Science involves the community in the research process – giving researchers the opportunity to connect with people, tapping into their experiences to help design research questions. EUniWell researchers are using the collective strength of communities and public to identify research questions, collect and analyse data, interpret results, make new discoveries, and develop technologies and applications – all to understand and solve well-being problems.

Do get in touch with us to discover how to join us in civic participation.