EMPOWER - Learning from the pandemic

Healthcare professions and medical students have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. In these unprecedented times building a European network can offer the opportunity to question how best to move forward and to find positive strategies towards a new normal in education, training, and future professions. 

The present project aims to: 

  1. build a network of healthcare professions and medical students;
  2. produce a tool that will help to promote resilience and well-being of students;
  3. strengthened international partnerships and set the ground for future collaborations between healthcare professions and medical students.

The University of Birmingham, University of Cologne, University of Florence, Nantes Université and Semmelweis University are involved and will participate according to the following plan.

Purpose and Significance

The psychological and physical burden (stress, burnout, and mental wellbeing), the disruption of the training experiences, and response, are only some of the challenges that have been faced by medical residents and healthcare professions students.

Building a European network of healthcare professions and medical students can help with sharing experiences, supporting each other, and finding positive strategies towards a new normal in education, training, and future professions.

The project aims to advance well-being in Health and Education, and it is in line with the EUniWell’s core commitments. The activities of this initiative contribute mainly to the EUniWell Arena 1: Health and Well-Being.

Implementation Method and Timeline

The project starts on 1 September 2022. From September to November the core team will identify the appropriate channel to promote the project and involve students. 

During the first semester of the project a survey will be forwarded to healthcare professions and medical students as well as round table night (focus group) will be carried among the stakeholder group to produce knowledge on healthcare professions and medical students’ experiences, mental health, and well-being during and after the pandemic.

Subsequently during the second semester, three workshops will be delivered to help students to cope with the difficulties of COVID, to process the experience they have had, and to give them tools to reduce stress.

Finally, results will be presented and disseminated results in a joint event of the EUniWell scientific days.

The project ends on 31 August 2023.

Expected Outcome

  • Obtain a deep understanding of the experiences of students of the health professions, medical students, and medical residents during the pandemic.
  • Bring to light new ideas and strategies for shaping future education and training.
  • Build a strong network between students of the health professions and medical residents.