Mobility offer

Within EUniWell, a wide range of different mobility opportunities are available for both students and staff. A semester abroad or even a full academic year at one of the EUniWell partner universities, or maybe just a virtual workshop on a single occasion? This and everything in between is possible!

EUniWell academics are encouraged and supported to closely cooperate in teaching and research, and new technological solutions offer us better opportunities than ever before to collaborate and share knowledge virtually. All EUniWell partner universities have signed a multilateral agreement of academic mobility and exchange, which will facilitate all kinds of mobility and exchange between the different universities.

During first half of the autumns/winter semester 2022, the EUniWell Mobility Arena will present a package of customised learning, teaching, and research journeys within the EUniWell. This overview will make the different mobility options more visible and accessible and will encourage even more exchange and mobility, both virtual and physical.

Mobility Services for Students

What do I need to know before I apply for a EUniWell mobility programme and what services are being offered at my host university? As a student, there are many support structures available to you, but they may be slightly different at different EUniWell partner universities. The information can be found on the respective university page below. 

Services offered to outgoing students:

This report  summarises all services that each EUniWell university offers to outgoing students, divided into three different categories: before, during and after the mobility activity.

Services offered to incoming students:

This report summarises all services that each EUniWell university offers to incoming students during their EUniWell mobility activity.

EUniWell Mobility Skills

EUniWell aims at creating a common identity, offering seamless cultural and mobility experiences for students, faculty, and staff across the partnership network. Opportunities for mobility, both physical, virtual, and blended, are a key action for the establishment of the EUniWell European University. 

EUniWell Mobility Skills (EMS)

EUniWell will provide its students, faculty and staff with a wide range of opportunities for gaining skills that make them fit for actively contributing to the well-being of society and environment both on European and global scales. 

Some of the activities in this context are gathered under the umbrella of EUniWell Mobility Skills (EMS), which offers language, inter-comprehension [1] and intercultural communication skills to EUniWell students, faculty and staff, in order to foster a multilingual European habitus and increase an understanding for transculturality in practice.

All students preparing for a EUniWell mobility are encouraged to select additional EMS-courses from their host university to increase their language competences. The EUniWell languages are English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. The offer in EUniWell Mobility Skills is provided broadly and in various formats including courses, modules, lectures, seminars and other activities. The offer in mobility skills can be academic, non-academic, virtual, blended or on-campus. 

Who can participate?

EMS courses at a basic level will be offered to EUniWell mobile [2] students, regardless of level of studies. The offer is also for EUniWell mobile university employees. As a long-term perspective the offer will be available for all of our students and employees.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn mobility skills. There are language courses as well as training in inter-comprehension and intercultural communication. The offer being presented at each EUniWell university is the existing offer. New joint modules, courses, trainings and activities in mobility skills will be provided over time.

[1] Intercomprehension is a form of communication in which each person speaks his or her own language and understands that of the other.

[2] Mobile is defined as being physically or virtually mobile, or a hybrid of both, i.e. students and employees engaging in online teaching and learning are included.

Mobility Skills Offer for Students

Please see each university’s link for existing mobility skills offers for students. Please note that other courses and programmes available could be included, as well as information directed at employees. The Erasmus+ programme also offers online linguistic support for the EUniWell languages. Please see

Mobility Skills Offer for Employees

Please see each university’s link for the existing mobility skills offers for employees. Please note that the information may also include information directed at students.