Discovery of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the EUniWell Consortium’s Members

This project’s goal is to lift EUniWell cooperation in the entrepreneurial field to a new level by involving and supporting stakeholders to improve well-being by becoming active in the field of entrepreneurship and fostering exchange between students, researchers, start-ups, university professionals and leaders.

Under the lead of Nantes Université, this project brings together all EUniWell partners: The University of Birmingham, the University of Cologne, the University of Florence, Leiden University, Linnaeus University and Semmelweis University.

Purpose and Significance

Since in-person meetings were very limited in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, virtual learning expeditions were organised to foster the University community to discover the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the EUniWell members.

The virtual learning expeditions consisted of one-hour session for each university to give an overview of their offering along the following  topics:

  • Sensitising: actions / projects implemented to raise awareness of the entrepreneurial spirit in academia and foster a change of mindset (from research lab results to citizens)
  • Qualifying: lessons and master classes provided to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset on all activities, in compliance with EntreComp (the Entrepreneurs competence framework)
  • Promoting and matching: process implemented to reach as many people within networks and match team members
  • Enabling: programmes and facilities provided to facilitate researchers / young entrepreneurs to act 

Online pitch sessions to foster networking among start-ups were also organised. These sessions allowed students, professors, researchers and other key players to discover entrepreneurship through technology transfer and startup creation. The focus was set on the COVID-19 and post-COVID era, enabling Life Science entrepreneurs / researchers from different universities to connect and allowing a discussion on how our countries can contribute, and what our needs are.

The project was implemented throughout 2021. 


Strong relationships and synergies were developed on entrepreneurship among the members of the consortium. Strategies on student entrepreneurship, competence matching, entrepreneurial teaching and exchange programmes for start-ups were shared thanks to this project. All project results can be directly embedded in the activities of the EUniWell Entrepreneurship Working Group.