MaterialWell 2 - Materials Science for Wellness

MaterialWell 2 is an extension of the MaterialWell project, a network of Materials Science research and innovation linking seven partner sites at the European University EUniWell. 

Using online tools, exploratory exchanges and student prizes we are developing the structure necessary to drive Materials Science and Technology teaching and research within EUniWell for the future.

Purpose and Significance

Materials Science Research and Innovation is the tool that will allow us to overcome many current roadblocks to societal development goals. Examples include:

  • New medical innovations to improve quality of life
    injectable bone strengtheners to avoid invasive operations, dental implants that are affordable and non-toxic, long-life batteries for pacemakers to avoid the need for replacement surgery
  • Improvements in our urban environment
    affordable long-range electric vehicles, smart distributed sensor arrays detecting pollution across cities, cheap low-maintenance explosives detectors for stations and cultural venues providing enhanced anti-terrorism security and public peace of mind
  • Clean renewable energies
    improved efficiency photovoltaics, greener materials for energy production, storage and transfer 

These are just some of the areas where Materials Science lies at the heart of future societal well-being, and where research teams within EUniWell are actively making advances today.

MaterialWell is leveraging this existing expertise, bringing together partner groups from across seven EUniWell sites, building and strengthening links to establish a synergistic and collaborative Materials Science ecosystem, fostering excellence in collaboration, research, and through development of teaching and training programmes. 

Implementation Method and Timeline

  • Launch Date: September 2022
  • Virtual MaterialWell Laboratory: Establish a mailing list & interactive discussion server, with access for all MaterialWell staff and students (M2)
  • Four virtual 1-day follow-up workshops on the key themes above showcasing relevant research at each partner site, plus teaching / training, to facilitate integration of the University of Murcia into the network.
  • Exploratory exchanges: Now open to Masters/PhD students as well as established researchers, to build specific research project links and facilitate first joint studies.
  • MaterialWell Student PhD and final-year project prize (short-term objective to build collaboration, establish link with the students): To be administered in the final quarter 2023.
  • EUniWell “Open Lecture Series” lecture from a MaterialWell2 member.
  • Developing a joint training school between at least two EUniwell Partner sites, building on three Summer Schools initiated during MaterialWell1.
  • Masters course in Materials: Develop a shared teaching strategy in Materials at Masters and PhD level (e.g. through graduate school initiatives), facilitating interaction between MW-2 members and members of EUniwell management.

Expected Outcomes

MaterialWell2 will build on the initial network created in MaterialWell, expanding its platform across EUniWell for Materials Science for Well-being. We expect future joint research applications (one successful example already underway), new joint teaching initiatives (discussions currently underway for a joint summer school), and further joint actions. It will build and strengthen inter-site links between teaching, research and innovation and knowledge transfer for staff and students, leading to joint education and research programmes and projects.   

Further information