LaW - Law and Well-being

General Overview

This project initiates a lasting collaboration among universities, manifesting as a biennial cycle of conferences focused on law and well-being. Tailored primarily for PhD students and recent PhD graduates, the inaugural conference delves into the coercive dimensions of laws in relation to well-being.

Partnering institutions include Nantes Université, the Universities of Birmingham, Florence, Murcia, and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Purpose and Significance

The conference series plays a pivotal role in advancing research within the realms of law and well-being, cultivating a network of researchers from diverse legal cultures. Its multidisciplinary approach aligns seamlessly with EUniWell's overarching objectives, placing individual and social well-being as foundational to robust institutions and a healthy economy. The initiative not only champions early career researchers and promotes mobility but also aims to bolster collaboration among scholars, a central theme within the framework of EUniWell.

Implementation Method and Timeline

The universities will adhere to the following timeline for project implementation:

  • Present day – Autumn 2023: Project launch, role assignment, development of a call for abstracts, and formation of the scientific and organisational committee.
  • Winter 2023: Launch of the call for abstracts.
  • Early 2024: Abstract selection.
  • Spring 2024: Conference organisation (logistics).
  • Summer 2024: A two-day conference for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, guided by a board of academics, including professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and researchers.
  • Post-conference: Authors receive feedback, and proceedings are published to disseminate the scientific outcomes of the conference.

Expected Outcomes

Contribution to Multidisciplinary Research: The conference series will significantly contribute to multidisciplinary research in the domains of law and well-being.

Institutional Collaboration: Establishment of a lasting partnership between universities and researchers focused on the theme of law and well-being.

Skill Development and Career Perspectives: Enhancing organisational and methodological skills of PhD students and early-career researchers, fostering career perspectives.

Publication of Proceedings: Dissemination of scientific results through the publication of conference proceedings, ensuring a lasting impact on the academic community.