Seed Funding Programme

The Seed Funding Programme

The EUniWell Seed Funding Programme aims to promote collaborative, grassroots projects initiated by researchers, students, teachers and administrative staff from our universities.

The scheme supports initiatives which are in line with EUniWell’s core mission: To understand, measure, rebalance and improve the well-being within universities and society as a whole. The Seed Funding Programme contributes to further deepening our mutual bonds and creating innovative ideas to foster well-being, enhance existing collaborations between EUniWell members, or initiate new ones.

Projects can address a large set of topics related to health (mental and physical), individual and social well-being, quality education, as well as environmental and urban sustainability, all of which are essential for well-being and quality of life, as defined by the EUniWell mission statement.

The Seed Funding Programme is jointly financed by all partner universities of the Alliance; competitive calls for proposals are organised twice a year.

After five successful editions, EUniWell is now launching a new call for its Seed Funding Programme, which supports collaborations to promote well-being and bring together students, researchers, teachers and administrators from across our Alliance.

The current 6th Seed Funding Call is open between 18 January and 10 March 2024.

The EUniWell Seed Funding Projects involve members from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines from at least four partner universities.

Funded projects are innovative and address EUniWell’s core commitment to advance our five key arenas: Health and Well-being; Social Equality and Well-being; Environmental Change and Well-being; Well-being in Teaching Future Generations; and Culture, Multilingualism and Well-being.

Projects may address research, teaching or policy development topics as well as student well-being.

The maximum grant allocated per project is €25,000, which can be split between involved project partners.

Are you a teacher, a researcher, an administrative staff member or a student from one of EUniWell’s partner universities, and would like to initiate a project to help improve well-being at our universities or in society?

Step 1: Get informed about the conditions of application

Step 2: Attend one of our online information sessions

Two "Questions and Answers" information sessions will be organised :

Additional session:

These sessions will be an opportunity to share your project ideas, find potential partners and ask any questions you may have about the call and requirements.

Step 3: Submit your application

Full applications must be submitted to contactform[at] no later than 10 March 2024 (23:59 CET / 22:59 GMT).


The Seed Funding Programme is managed by the University of Cologne on behalf of the EUniWell consortium –