EUMC - The EUniWell Moot Court

The project aims to develop a Moot Court competition for students of the partner universities on topics central to EUniWell’s key Thematic Arenas, particularly Arena 2 and SDG 16, with a view to fostering collaboration among students and academics while generating knowledge and discussion about important societal challenges related to Well-being.

The EUniWell Moot Court will allow Law students of the partner universities to put into practice their knowledge of European Union Law and International Law on topics significant for EUniWell’s key arenas. In addition, the competition will promote and stimulate the creation of networks of students and academics with a common interest in the values and ideals of EUniWell. In this respect, the competition will foster creative encounters and discussions liable to generate further collaboration and research.

The EUniWell Moot Court is coordinated by the University of Murcia and open to all EUniWell Universities. Six have already agreed to participate, namely, the University of Birmingham, the University of Cologne, the University of Florence, Leiden University, Nantes Université and the University of Murcia.

Purpose and Significance

The EUniWell Moot Court offers students from partner universities the opportunity to participate in a unique, high-level competition, with the chance to live a valuable educational and personal experience and to orient their professional careers towards important societal challenges related to key Arena 2, such as human rights protection, citizenship and security, or peace-building. The EUniWell Moot Court can also mark the first step towards more integrative formats such as a future EUniWell Moot Court Team, with students of the different partner universities, that could eventually compete against other university alliances.

The EUniWell Moot will be particularly related to Arena 2 and UN SDG 16 and will include issues related to the two EUniWell’s transversal UN SDGs that reinforce all four arenas: Gender Equality (UN SDG 5) and Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG 10).

Implementation Method and Timeline

The EUniWell Moot Court shall take place in three phases, namely the elaboration and publication of the case, the Semi-finals and the Final. The last two phases will take place in Murcia during the first semester of 2023. The competition will be carried out in English. 

Expected Outcomes

The EUMC will connect legal academics of the partner universities working on topics relevant for EUniWell. The competition will also promote encounters of students and enhance their research and oral legal skills, student and staff mobility and the creation of a common identity. Participants in the competition will transcend their institutional and national boundaries to take part in a competition where they will get a sense of what forming part of a European University is about, while meeting students from at least five other countries.