Mobility and Education

At EUniWell, we understand mobility in its broadest sense: as virtual, blended, and physical. We promote mobility for students, researchers, educators, and staff through a wide portfolio of mobility measures.

Mobility and Education for EUniWell Students

The curricula and mobility opportunities that EUniWell’s partner universities have currently in common are already advanced. As a student within EUniWell, you can choose from a wide variety of courses and programmes at our partner universities that will advance your mobility goals. In addition to this, we are working on the joint development of an interdisciplinary research-oriented educational offer at BA, MA and PHD level, working towards a modular offer as well as degree programmes.

Mobility and Education for EUniWell Researchers, Educators, and Staff 

We provide our researchers, educators, and staff with mobility measures such as webinars, digital tools, exchange of researchers and staff, or blended teaching formats. EUniWell’s four core Research Arenas (i) Well-Being and Health, (ii) Individual and Social Well-Being, (iii) Environment, Urbanity and Well-Being, and (iv) Teacher Education will be linked with coaching and training programmes in innovative and sustainable teaching skills.

Current Offers

Some of EUniWell’s mobility activities are gathered under the umbrella of EUniWell Mobility Skills (EMS), which offer language, inter-comprehension and intercultural communication skills to all EUniWell students, faculty and staff, in order to foster a multilingual European habitus and increase an understanding for transculturality in practice.

Our short-term programmes include semesters at partner universities, practical training at sites and communities of partner universities, as well as rotating Summer and Winter Schools on challenges of health and well-being. Joint workshops, open lectures, and a multitude of similar offers enrich the educational experience for students, faculty, and staff within EUniWell. 

In the long-term, EUniWell will create a seamless, state-of-the-art educational environment in which our boundaries will dissolve as we become a single entity strongly intertwined with our local, regional, and global contexts. Our aim is to provide our students, researchers, educators and staff with a wide range of skills and a network that make them fit for contributing actively to the well-being of society and environment, both on a European and global scale.

EUniWell Mobility Arena

The Mobility Arena of EUniWell gathers all aspects of mobility. Dedicated working groups are established to approach mobility challenges and develop sustainable solutions that will enable European mobility journeys of the 21st century. The EUniWell Mobility Arena is led by a Steering Group, with representatives from the International Offices, or equivalent, at all partner universities + the EUniWell Chief Student Officer. If you would like to get in touch and discuss mobility with the EUniWell Mobility Arena, please contact any of the below mentioned representatives:

Maria Eriksson

Section Manager, International Office

Linnaeus University

Anne-Sophie Le Marchand

Deputy Director, International Relations Office

Nantes Université

Nóra Seres Schreiberné

Group Leader, International Relations 

Semmelweis University

Claire Belkadi

Head of Study Abroad and Exchanges

University of Birmingham

Christiane Biel

Deputy Director, International Office

University of Cologne

Federica Pirro

International Mobility

University of Florence

Antonia Saavedra Rodríguez

Head of International Mobility

University of Murcia