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Graphic for EUniWell showing a traditionally Swedish windmill and red house in a rural landscape, with a blooming lilac bush. The EUniWell logo is in the top left corner. Overlay text states 'International Service Learning, Social Media Campaign for Station Linné' in a blue and pink text box.

International Service Learning: Station Linné

Embark on a 10-week journey with the 2024 International Service Learning Project, culminating in an in-person event at Station Linné, Sweden, from 24-27 June. Engage in a social media campaign for biodiversity and climate action. Earn 6 ECTS credits and develop crucial skills. Apply by 15 March 2024…

for Students blended/hybrid
The image is a promotional graphic for an educational programme. It features a young plant sprouting from the soil, symbolising growth and development. The background is a soft-focus view of a radiant green light, which conveys a feeling of vitality and positivity. Overlayed text introduces the "Blended Intensive Programme" and below it, the slogan "Education toward a sustainable future" is displayed, suggesting the programme's focus on sustainability. The logo of EUniWell is placed in the top left corner, indicating the programme's association with the European University Alliance EUniWell.

BIP: “Education Toward a Sustainable Future”

Delve into sustainability and sustainable development by participating in the Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) on “Education Towards a Sustainable Future”. The BIP will be held partly online and partly in-person at the University of Florence (15-19 April). It is open to Bachelor and Master…

Courses for Students for Researchers for Educators blended/hybrid
A person with a headscarf is hugged from a smiling person and a person in a white code is looking at documents. In the upper left corner is the EUniWell logo and there is a textbox with the text "Cologne Spring School - "On Medical Humanities, 18-22 March".

Cologne Spring School for Medical Humanities: Perspectives on Health, Wellbeing and Diversity

Explore health and diversity at the Cologne Spring School for Medical Humanities from 18-22 March 2024. This 5-day event is open to advanced students and doctoral candidates from EUniWell universities. Apply by 15 February 2024 for a transformative learning experience.

for Students for Researchers in-person
A group of individuals in a collaborative setting, with one person holding a digital tablet. In the upper right corner, there's a digitally added badge with the hashtag #Research.

“Make an Impact!” - Online workshop on networking and self-marketing-skills

Enroll in the empowering “Make an Impact!” online workshop and learn to navigate successfully through small-talk situations at conferences by enhancing your communication skills, focusing on both verbal and non-verbal cues. This interactive full-day online workshop welcomes researchers of all…

for Researchers online
This picture shows two people standing in front of a desk, working on a set of documents and charts. One person is holding a pencil, taking notes on paper. In the upper right corner is a badge in a cyan and pink gradient with the text "#Research".

EUniWell Research Data Management Training

The EUniWell Research Data Management training aims to explain what research data is, how to identify best practices and useful tools for data management, and how to write a Data Management Plan. The training is open and free of charge to PhD students and researchers from all EUniWell universities.

for Researchers online