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Blue background with a graphic of people representing diversity and unity. The headline reads UNITE Summer School 2024, with the subtitle 'Well-Being in the Teaching Profession: International Perspectives' and the date 26-30 August 2024 in Cologne. Logos are visible at the bottom

UNITE Summer School 2024: Well-Being in the Teaching Profession - International Perspectives

Explore different aspects of “Well-Being in the Teaching Profession” at the UNITE Summer School at the University of Cologne from 26 – 30 August 2024. The event is open to teacher training students of all subjects, who want to actively create the change they want to see in schools. Apply by 16 June!

for Students in-person Cologne
The image depicts a professional networking event where a group of people are engaged in conversation. They appear to be enjoying their interactions with each other, some holding beverages and plates of food. A noticeable feature is the #Research sign. The individuals are dressed in business attire, indicating a formal or semi-formal gathering.

EUniWell Early Career Researchers’ Workshop and PhD Scientific Days Conference

Semmelweis University invites PhD students to take part in the EUniWell Early Career Researchers Talent Hub to share knowledge and collaborate with other PhD students. Apply by 20 May to participate in a tailor-made EUniWell workshop and an international conference from 8-10 July.

for Researchers in-person Semmelweis
A woman writing in a notebook at a desk with a laptop. In the lower left corner is the logo of the University of Cologne's Centre for Teacher Education.

Digital Learning Materials for Teacher Education

The ZFL (Center for Teacher Education) at the University of Cologne offers a permanent, self-study online course on digital learning materials in English, available to all EUniWell members. This programme supports teacher education to advance their digital skills and improve their learning…

for Students for Educators online
A young woman sits at a desk, a notebook and an open laptop in front of her. She is wearing a headset and smiling towards the screen. In the top right-hand corner is a round graphic on which the word #Research can be read on a gradient background from blue to pink.

Soft Skills Training Course

EUniWell and the University of Florence's Teaching and Learning Centre welcome you to the Soft Skills Training Course - 8 online courses to enhance your career. This asynchronous offer allows you learn at your own pace and timing, making it easy to fit professional development into your schedule.

for Students for Researchers for Educators for Administrative Staff online
The image is a promotional visual for the Human Resources Summer School taking place from 24-28 June 2024 at the University of Konstanz. The poster features a top-down view of several individuals sitting around a circular mosaic courtyard, engaged in study or discussion. The EUniWell logo is prominently displayed in the upper left corner, highlighting its association with the event.

Human Resources Summer School

Develop new consulting skills at the picturesque University of Konstanz, Germany, from 24-28 June. Delve into client interaction, organisational diagnosis, and actionable solutions with industry experts. There are limited spots available. Please apply by 21 May.

for Students in-person Konstanz
A group of 5 young professionals in a library. 2 persons are hive-fiving, while the others are looking at a laptop, smiling. In the upper right corner is a badge with the text "#Research".

EUniWell Science-to-Public Communication Workshop Series

The aim of the EUniWell Science-to-Public Communication Workshops is to up-skill researchers in the popularisation of science. The workshops (10-13 June) are open to PhD students and researchers from all EUniWell universities, regardless of their field of expertise. Apply by 2 June 2024.

for Researchers online
The image shows a group of individuals collaborating at a table with the EUniWell logo in the corner, indicating a connection to the European University Alliance. Text overlay indicates it's a promotional image for a "Workshop on Human Rights" scheduled for 7-9 June 2024 at the University of Konstanz. The image captures the engaged and diverse participants in a university setting.

International Co-Creation Workshop on Human Rights

Are you driven by a passion for human rights and a desire to create meaningful change in the world? Join us on 7–9 June 2024 in Konstanz, Germany for an immersive and innovative Co-Creation Workshop in collaboration with Amnesty International. Apply by 15 April to join this transformative journey!

for Students for Educators in-person
The image shows a group of enthusiastic people gathered around a young woman holding a megaphone. They appear to be at an outdoor event or rally. Prominently displayed is the EUniWell logo, along with text that reads “EUniWell Summer School - Global Peace, Democratic Governance & Well-Being”. The mood is positive and the setting suggests an emphasis on education and community involvement.

EUniWell Summer School on Global Peace, Democratic Governance & Well-Being

This EUniWell Summer School invites students to explore the frontiers of peace studies, democratic governance and well-being in a time of worldwide autocratisation. The Summer School takes place from 3 June to 5 July, with one in-person week in Brussels. Application closes on 26 April.

for Students blended/hybrid
A group of students gathered in a museum, listening to a guided tour. In the top left corner, the 'EUniWell' logo is visible, while the center of the image displays the course title: 'Blended Intensive Programme - Exploring History Education through Heritage'

Blended Intensive Programme (BIP): Exploring History Education through Heritage

In this BIP from 29 May 2024 to January 2025, EUniWell brings together history educators from different universities in Europe for a course on history education and European heritage. Apply by 31 July to take part in the upcoming online sessions and the in-person week at University of Cologne.

EUniWell-Event for Students blended/hybrid Cologne Students
The image displays a female flamenco dancer in motion, wearing a traditional black outfit adorned with golden embroidery. Her expression is focused, and her pose captures the essence of the dance. Behind her, another performer is partially visible, suggesting a group performance. Overlaying the image is the logo for "EUniWell" and text that reads "Dancing Democracy" and "Blended Intensive Programme".

Blended Intensive Programme: “Dancing Democracy”

EUniWell’s course "Dancing Democracy. Migration as Co-Creation" combines Flamenco dancing and cultural theory. From 9 -13 July 2024, participants will meet in-person in the beautiful surroundings of an old Renaissance castle close to Konstanz. Apply by 14 June.

for Students blended/hybrid
Four people working together at a table. In the upper left corner is the EUniWell logo, in the lower part of the picture stands the text: "Leadership Fellowship as part of EUniWell #Research".

Leadership Fellowship 2nd Round

Join the Leadership Fellowship (22 April - 2 July), a unique opportunity for researchers preparing to lead or already leading a research team. This innovative programme offers multiple networking opportunities, enabling fellows to gain a broader perspective on leadership in a European context with…

for Researchers blended/hybrid