Civic Engagement

EUniWell is committed to being a modern, civic and entrepreneurial university that supports social and individual well-being in a global setting. We aim to deliver a measurable impact on regional well-being and ensure that we are not just located in our cities and regions but are part of them. 

We are co-creating initiatives that bring together researchers, teachers, students and administrators from inside our universities with those outside – such as public authorities, hospitals, schools, businesses and wider community organisations - to support and sustain civic well-being. 

These initiatives are delivered in four different ways:

  • Providing training to university members to increase their impact on society
  • Making knowledge generated at the university accessible to wider society and contribute to shaping regional policy 
  • Widening the boundaries of our campuses by inviting partners and stakeholders to contribute to and collaborate with EUniWell initiatives. 
  • Measuring, monitoring and evaluating the contributions of EUniWell initiatives on regional well-being.

There are a number of initiatives which are aimed at driving civic engagement – whether, initially, in specific countries or across the EUniWell partnership.

These include: