Civic Engagement

EUniWell is committed to being a modern, civic and entrepreneurial university that supports social and individual well-being in a global setting. We aim to deliver a measurable impact on regional well-being and ensure that we are not just located in our cities and regions but are part of them. 

We are co-creating initiatives that bring together researchers, teachers, students and administrators from inside our universities with those outside – such as public authorities, hospitals, schools, businesses and wider community organisations - to support and sustain civic well-being. 

These initiatives are delivered in four different ways:

  • Providing training to university members to increase their impact on society
  • Making knowledge generated at the university accessible to wider society and contribute to shaping regional policy 
  • Widening the boundaries of our campuses by inviting partners and stakeholders to contribute to and collaborate with EUniWell initiatives. 
  • Measuring, monitoring and evaluating the contributions of EUniWell initiatives on regional well-being.

There are a number of initiatives which are aimed at driving civic engagement – whether, initially, in specific countries or across the EUniWell partnership. These include:

  • The Mayor’s Placement Scheme - a partnership with Birmingham City Council’s Public Health division that sees EUniWell students working together in an international project team exploring policy solutions to well-being challenges faced by our cities and regions.
  • EUniWell’s Policy Commissions bring leading figures from the public, private and third sectors together with EUniWell academics to generate new thinking on well-being issues of global, national, local, and civic concern. Our first Policy Commission examines the impact of COVID-19 on society.
  • Alumni mentoring gives students the opportunity to work with an international mentor – helping to build their international connections, whilst receiving guidance and support.
  • The School Ambassador Programme develops links and collaborations with local secondary schools - involving highly motivated university students as ambassadors for their university and role models for pupils. The scheme is being trialled by Semmelweis University, ahead of being rolled out in other countries.