Academic and Staff Participation

EUniWell understands itself essentially as a learning institution, whose structures are intended to be as guiding as necessary but as flexible and agile as possible in order to help the co-creation of new ideas on all levels and to react quickly to new challenges. EUniWell does not have a physical reality in the sense of having its own campus with a number of venerable buildings. Rather, EUniWell is an idea and a spirit which is to be developed in the minds of the people who are part of it. That’s why we are looking for you: academics and staff. Help us build the European University for Well-being! There are many ways to contribute. Have a look at the opportunities below.

Working Groups

Within EUniWell we work in different Work Packages (WPs). These all have their own tasks, objectives and deliverables, to which different working groups are dedicated. These are open for participation of our academic as well as administrative staff! The work packages are:

  • WP 1: Management and Coordination
  • WP 2: Education and training
  • WP 3: Research and Education
  • WP 4: Society and Education
  • WP 5: Institutional transformation
  • WP 6: Creating an identity
  • WP 7: Sustainability and Dissemination

Do you have knowledge or interest in one of these areas and would you like to contribute or want to know more? Let us know. We look forward to your participation.


The participating universities want to show that diversity and working beyond disciplinary and national borders is the best way to respond to the well-being challenges in universities, society and the world as a whole. The alliance focuses on four interdisciplinary research key areas, the so-called Research Arenas, which are dedicated to:

  1. Health and well-being
  2. Individual and social well-being
  3. The environment and climate
  4. Teacher training programmes and the professionalisation of teachers.

Do you have knowledge in one of these areas and would you like to contribute or want to know more? Let us know. We look forward to your participation.

Seed Funding Programme

The EUniWell Seed Funding Programme aims to promote projects initiated by researchers, students, teachers and administrative staff from our partner universities that are in line with EUniWell’s core mission: to promote well-being, within our universities, the environment and  society at large, across its various dimensions. Read more about selection criteria, ongoing calls and the application process.

Staff Mobility

Opportunities for mobility, both physical and virtual, are a key action for the establishment of  our Alliance. EUniWell’s aim is to create a shared identity, offering seamless cultural and mobility experiences for staff across the alliance. Read more about EuniWell Mobility.

Well-Being Research Incubator

Researchers at all levels are invited to put forward proposals to run online collaborative workshops on topics relating to our four research areas. Workshop participants will then be able to submit project ideas to a follow-on funding scheme for collaborative research projects. This seed funding scheme will offer grants of up to €10,000 or up to €25,000 for small-scale projects which test out and scope ideas for larger-scale well-being research projects in the future. Read more about the EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator.


A lot of exciting events are taking place in the framework of EUniWell. Our Open Lecture Series, the annual FestiWell event series, and interactive workshops of only a few of the highlights. Take a look at our event calendar and join our events – online or in-person. Go to calendar

Get involved

You would like to get involved? We are at your disposal for further information or any questions you may have. Please use our contact form to get in touch or email us directly at info[at]