EUniWell Leadership Fellowship: Enhance your leadership skills among international peers

08/24/2023 | by Dorothee Groeger | Research H2020

Join the inaugural Leadership Fellowship by EUniWell’s Research Training Academy, a unique opportunity for researchers preparing to lead or already leading a research team. This innovative programme offers 28 fellows multiple networking opportunities, enabling them to gain a broader perspective on leadership concepts and theories in a European context and under a well-being agenda.

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EUniWell’s Research Training Academy is introducing its first Leadership Fellowship, targeting mid-career researchers who are preparing to take over the leadership of a research team or who have recently done so. The training programme offers participants from across the EUniWell Alliance the opportunity to develop and improve their leadership skills. Fellows will also benefit from multiple networking opportunities, enabling them to gain a broad(er) perspective on leadership concepts and theories in an international context and under a well-being agenda. The 3-month Fellowship is based on an innovative methodological approach consisting of a series of on-site and flexible online training and networking sessions as well as phases of guided self-reflection. Engaging in larger group activities and smaller peer-to-peer exchanges, fellows will reflect on their individual leadership qualities and skills and acquire effective methods and tools to apply as team leaders.

Based on a profound discussion of leadership models and theories, participants will develop leadership skills which foster their ability to effectively guide others in their work and professional development. Furthermore, by becoming part of an international peer network, fellows will gain invaluable international and intercultural perspectives on leadership under a well-being agenda. The Fellowship is designed to allow individual learning paths for research leadership development inside or outside academia. Eligible fellows should hold a PhD or doctoral degree. 

At the conclusion of the programme, fellows will receive a certificate, recognising their dedication to enhancing leadership under a well-being agenda within their teams and beyond. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to advance your leadership journey alongside a diverse and accomplished group of peers. Apply now and unlock your leadership potential with EUniWell!

Further information

Find further information on the fellowship and the application process here

This programme is implemented through EUniWell’s H2020 SwafS support project EUniWell #Research. 


Please pose your questions on the fellowship to the following contact: fellowships[at]


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