EUniWell participation in European Student Assembly 2023

06/21/2023 | by Eszter Turopoli | European Universities Students

The 2nd edition of the European Student Assembly (#ESA23) was held in Strasbourg from 31 May to 2 June 2023. EUniWell students participated in this event and represented our Alliance.

This picture shows two EUniWell students who attended the European Student Assembly in Strasbourg
This picture shows students from European University Alliances gathered in the European Parliament
This picture shows students from European University Alliances gathered in the European Parliament

After the preparatory phase of the second European Student Assembly (#ESA23), 230 students from 40 European University Alliances gathered in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to exchange ideas and collaborate on shaping the future of Europe. 

The Assembly featured a series of engaging panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. Students had the chance to delve into 10 panel topics like sustainable farming, inclusion, digital innovation, and more. Through constructive debates and collaborative efforts, they drafted and voted on 75 political recommendations aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities facing Europe in the future.

Dominik Christukat from the University of Cologne participated in Panel 5 and discussed the topic “Taking better care of each other. What should be the European approach to mental health?”.

Carl Christian Frederik Zeng from Nantes Université and Andrii Kryvko from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv took part in the preparation for Panel 7 on the topic of Defense. The students discussed questions such as “Is the EU in a position to develop an efficient foreign policy and an autonomous defense policy that would ensure the safety of its citizens?”.

During the three days spent at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, students finalised their recommendations. They eventually presented 79 Policy Recommendations (4 of which were rejected) in front of the Assembly and voted on them individually. 

The outcomes of the #ESA23 Assembly are available here.

This publication of the students’ Policy Recommendations reflects their state of mind, expectations, and determination to have a concrete impact on their future that could lead to political responses at local, national, and European levels. It serves the purpose of giving a voice to students and it aims to be disseminated at a larger scale, starting within the universities’ communities. 


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