EUniWell #Research programme was highlighted at the Semmelweis Symposium as a key aspect of EUniWell’s scientific engagement

01/11/2024 | by Eszter Turopoli | Semmelweis Research H2020

The 31st Semmelweis Symposium was held in Budapest from 11-13 December 2023. The esteemed scientific event was not just a great opportunity to promote EUniWell but also to underscore the main outcomes of the EUniWell #Research programme.

Two individuals are posing in front of a EUniWell information banner detailing research objectives, collaborations, and training opportunities at a university event.

The Semmelweis Symposium is the most prestigious annual scientific event of Semmelweis University, which presents the latest scientific results and innovations and serves as an excellent forum for international knowledge transfer and networking. Keynote lectures were delivered by internationally recognised experts, alumni and esteemed collaborators of Semmelweis University. Sessions and posters on new trends in medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical and health sciences were displayed to provide a comprehensive scientific experience.

This year pancreatic diseases were the topic of numerous general and clinical research-focused presentations held by international experts. As a keynote speaker, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Randy Schekman shared insights on the basic research areas of Parkinson’s disease at the molecular and cellular level. The topic of his presentation is a new area of ​​interest related to familial predisposition and the resulting international collaborative research work.

Dr. Péter Hegyi, the main organiser of the event and Director of the Institute of Pancreatic Disorders and the Center for Translational Medicine at Semmelweis University gave a detailed account of the National Academy of Scientist Education, also called “the Hungarian Nobel program”. 

EUniWell took the opportunity to showcase the EUniWell Alliance and the impactful outcomes and best practices of the EUniWell #Research programme. Our representatives facilitated engaging conversations with leading researchers and prominent figures in the scientific and professional communities, focusing on the latest developments in research and innovation.

Further information

The EUniWell #Research programme receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035821.


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