EUniWell students explore the frontiers of migration and diversity research at Nantes Université

07/20/2023 | by Elodie Bernard | Nantes

The second edition of the MADEINEUROPE Summer School in Nantes brought together postgraduate students and subject specialists from across the EUniWell universities to examine the patterns and magnitude of human mobility and the societal changes incurred by those movements.

A picture of the participants of the MADE IN EUROPE Summer School in Nantes.

Migration and societal changes

Human mobility has been a central feature in the history of Europe, particularly European cities. Migrants have formed a substantial part of European societies for centuries. However, in recent decades, following the end of the Cold War and the expansion of the European Union, patterns and magnitude of human mobility have changed. This has led to rapid socio-demographic changes in European societies. 

Cities are the primary destination for migrants, and the place where migration-driven diversity is occurring at a faster pace. They are also strategic sites for the formation of new types of identities and communities that stretch across national borders, and for new political subjects and possibilities of social transformation to emerge. 

A Summer School on migration, diversity and inclusion

Promoting diversity and inclusion are two core values of EUniWell and crucial to achieve individual and societal well-being. The MADEINEUROPE Summer School contributes to these objectives through a collaboration across the EUniWell network around the issues of migration, diversity and inclusion via an interdisciplinary lens. 

This time, the MADEINEUROPE Summer School participants met in person at Nantes Université, at the end of June 2023, to conclude a five-week training consisting of online lectures, workshops, seminars and mentoring by renowned academics from EUniWell universities.

The students critically examined the politics of migration and diversity in Europe, drawing from a range of methodological approaches and disciplinary perspectives, including law, anthropology, history, social policy, international relations, human geography, social work, and sociology. The focus was placed on how European cities are shaped by migration and how they respond, adjust, and accommodate newcomers, with a particular attention to the Mediterranean region. 

At the end of the workshop, students presented the group projects they worked on over the previous five weeks of online meetings and interdisciplinary exchanges on migration, diversity and inclusion. The students appreciated the opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives with other students from across Europe, and to deepen their understanding of the changes and opportunities migration and diversity bring to Europe.

Professor Nando Sigona and Dr Stefano Piemontese from the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research into Superdiversity led this second edition of MADEINEUROPE, and the final in-person event was convened by Prof Araceli Trumo from Nantes Université.

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