EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator: Third round of workshops selected

06/20/2023 | by Jo Hawley-Woodall | Participation Well-Being H2020 Research

Four workshops selected to explore collaborative research activities.

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The third round of workshops supported by the Well-Being Research Incubator Program has been selected. Four workshops related to the EUniWell core themes will take place between July and October 2023. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics, from civic education to women’s health.

This round was the final workshop selection in the Well-Being Research Incubator Program. From now on, all interested parties can only join the selected workshops to participate in this excellent opportunity to be a part of an international research team. Joining our future workshops, in the topics listed below, is a great start to establishing future collaboration.

About the Well-Being Research Incubator

The program gives access to researchers to our established, well-connected European alliance of universities and partners from the public, private and third sectors. During these collaborative workshops, researchers can learn about European research activity, improve their professional relations and expand their international network.

The aim is to develop a common research and teaching agenda on well-being, following our core mission to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance the well-being of individuals, our community, environment and society.

The selected workshops

The selected workshops in the third round are: 

  • Mapping Diversity - Historical and Narrative Competencies for Civic Education
  • Peptides as natural products for well-being
  • Transformational leadership and sustainability: a commitment to female talent
  • What's new about endometriosis? Visibility and research to improve women's health

If the workshops will be open to participants, they will be advertised on our Events page. 

The workshop participants will be able to submit project ideas to the follow-on funding scheme. Grants will be offered up to €25,000 for small-scale projects which test out and scope ideas for larger-scale well-being research projects in the future.

If you are interested in any of the topics listed above or would like to find out further information about the Well-Being Research Incubator Initiative, please get in touch with Jo Hawley-Woodall at the University of Birmingham.

Further information is available on this page.


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