Insights into diverse and innovative well-being research from the first EUniWell Research Thesis Prize winners

07/13/2023 | by Elodie Bernard | Research Students Nantes

The first EUniWell Research Thesis Prizes awarded a group of young European researchers for the novelty and uniqueness of their research. Watch the videos they have each realised during a week-long communication training in Nantes, and discover a dozen new perspectives on well-being!

Two EUniWell Thesis prizes winners smiling and holding a clapper board

Communication as a way for science to reach new audiences

EUniWell values interdisciplinarity and the learning experience that can be gained from combining different interests, expertises, and perspectives. Based on this principle, the EUniWell Research Thesis Prizes recognise students from different partner universities working in different fields, either linked to Individual and Social Well-Being or Environment, Urbanity and Sustainable Development.

Communication skills are crucial for any researcher wishing to widen the impact of their research and engage with society and citizens. Therefore, as part of their prize, the young researchers received a dedicated communication training in Nantes, France, where they learned how to popularise their work, developed an audience-driven presentation to generate interest, and recorded a short video under real studio conditions. .

Beyond developing EUniWell young researchers’ skills, this initiative contributes to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and aims to have a positive impact on society, as well as developing EUniWell’s network of researchers. 

During this in-person training, the researchers were able to explain their research topic to peers working in different fields and thus enrich their reflections by considering diverse points of view and expertises. This opportunity was created to encourage interdisciplinary exchange between researchers working on different facets of well-being and foster international collaboration for passionate researchers united by a common purpose: to understand, measure, improve and rebalance individual and social well-being on all levels.

A multidimensional approach to well-being

Discover the videos produced by our young researchers during their training, and enrich your understanding of the notion of well-being with fresh perspectives on chemistry, urbanism, linguistics, and computer science, among other topics.

Congratulations to our first laureates for their work!

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Find out more about the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize.


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